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Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft
Name Drive Shaft
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Introduced In Pilot - Part 1
Type Musical

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Drive Shaft was a band from Manchester, Great Britain that had attained success after they released their hit song “You All Everybody”. The band released two albums over the course of their tenure, their self-titled debut "Drive Shaft" and "Oil Change".

After the band hit some rough patches, they were given a chance to appear in a commercial for “Butties Diapers”; however, Liam’s current drug problem interfered and he was unable to perform correctly.

The band eventually split up and went on hiatus for some time. Charlie managed to get the band back together and go on tour opening for a band known as “Meat Coat” that would only agree to sign Drive Shaft under the condition that Liam was a part of it. He refused Charlie’s offer and the band was seemingly finished.

Drive Shaft did recieve a mild resurgence of popularity, due to Charlie's "death", the band reformed in honor of Charlie and released a popular Greatest Hits album. Drive Shaft fans also request that the Oceanic Six reveal the island where Charlie died in order to create a memorial for him.

Flash sidewaysEdit

Drive Shaft performed at a charity event with Daniel Faraday, which was organized by Eloise Hawking.


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  • Drive Shaft can be considered a reference to the U.K. band Oasis. Bearing many similarities: You All Everybody bearing a similiar tune to the Oasis song Rock N Roll Star, both bands started by brothers with one being named Liam, in the episode Flashes Before Your Eyes Charlie is dressed strikingly similar to Liam Gallagher and that same episode is shown singing Wonderwall.
  • Drive Shaft is stated to be referenced in the Comic Series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume III: Century.
  • Their song "You All Everybody" has become a downloadable song for play in Rock Band 3.