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Dr. Linus
Season 6
Episode 7
Air Date March 9, 2010
Writer(s) Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz
Director Mario Van Peebles
Flash-Sideways Ben

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"Dr. Linus" is the seventh episode of Season 6 and the 110th episode overall. The episode aired on March 9, 2010 in the United States. The episode focuses on Ben Linus, who is forced to dig his own grave by Ilana who intends to execute him for the murder of Jacob. In the alternate timeline Ben makes a power-play at the school where he is a European History teacher.

Alternate Timeline - 2004Edit

After Ben's European history class, the principal of the school informs Ben that he must supervise the students in detention all week. Ben protests, explaining that he attends the after-school History Club. Reynolds dismisses Ben and his History club, and overrules Ben's objections. Ben and Leslie Arzt, the science teacher, are complaining to each other about the school's compounding problems, Arzt making note of the outdated lab equipment. Ben stresses the importance of learning and of taking care of the students. He notes that Principal Reynolds is a bureaucrat, not a teacher and has therefore lost site of that importance. John Locke, sitting nearby overhears and suggests that maybe Ben should be the principal, and maybe it's time for change.

That evening, Ben microwaves a frozen dinner for himself and his father, Roger. Ben confides in his father how he feels insignificant. Roger says he wanted better for Ben and that is why he moved them to the Island with the Dharma Initiative when Ben was younger. Roger hints that their lives would have been better if they had stayed on the Island. Their reverie is interrupted by the doorbell. When Ben answers the door, it is Alex Rousseau, his best student, who had come to ask why Ben was not at the History Club meeting. She indicates that she has a test coming up, and was hoping that Ben would be available to help her study. Ben offers to help her the next morning in the library. During their study session, Alex let's slip that she thinks Principal Reynolds is a pervert. Ben asks if Reynolds has behaved inappropriately with Alex. She responds that he never touched her, but she had once caught him and the school nurse having sex in school. She swears Ben to secrecy and he agrees not to tell anyone. Ben immediately goes to Arzt lab and asks if it would be possible to access faculty emails. Arzt indicates that he can, but wants to hear what's going on before agreeing. Ben tells him about Reynolds and Nurse Kondracki. Arzt agrees to help Ben, but in exchange he demands a better parking spot and new lab equipment, should Ben be successful in his power play. Ben agrees to these terms.

Ben confronts Reynolds in his office with printouts of his email correspondence with the nurse that contains details about their sexual relations on school property. He suggests that the school board and Mrs. Reynolds would not be happy to read the copy. Reynolds asks what Ben wants, who demands Reynolds' resignation, and for Reynolds to recommend Ben as his replacement, noting the irony that the school board regards Reynolds' highly enough that his simple recommendation would be enough to secure the job for Ben.

Reynolds tells Ben that recommendations can go both ways. He shows Ben a request by Alex for his recommendation to an elite college. He offers Ben a choice. Reynolds will either resign his position, but at the cost of destroying Alex's future. Or Ben can stand down, in exchange for a letter of recommendation for Ben's favorite student. At some point later, we find Ben in Reynolds' office dropping off a pile of papers. We discover that Ben chose in favor of Alex when she enters the office looking to thank Reynolds for the shining letter of recommendation he wrote for her. She asks if Ben had anything to do with it, to which he replies that he did not. Reynolds comes into his office, and after a cordial exchange between the three, it is hinted that perhaps Ben has won some other modest concessions, as he is no longer supervising detention, and will be resuming his History Club duties that afternoon.

Ben breaks the news to Arzt who is visibly disappointed that he will still be stuck with his undesirable parking space, so Ben offers to trade. He then watches Alex happily join a crowd of students on their way to the next class.

Original Timeline - 2007Edit

Flight 316 GroupEdit

Fleeing The Temple, Ben encounters Ilana, Sun, Miles and Frank. Ilana asks where Sayid is, and Ben responds by informing them that Sayid had killed Dogan and Lennon, and will probably not be joining them. He then suggests that they head for the beach where the survivors had originally made camp.

On the way to the beach, Miles reveals that it was Ben who murdered Jacob. Ben attempts to deny this, but Ilana is unconvinced. She indicates that Jacob was like a father to her. When they reach the camp Ilana ignores Ben who is trying to explain his actions. This earns a sarcastic remark from Frank, who seemed amused by Ben's attempts to smooth things over.

An exchange between Sun and Ilana reveals that Candidates are people capable of replacing Jacob on the Island. She also indicates that either Sun or Jin is a candidate, but she's not sure which, so she's duty bound to protect both. Sun asks what replacing Jacob means, and Ilana tells her that she'll know if and when she is chosen. She also informs Sun that there are currently six surviving Candidates.

In Sawyer's old tent Frank and Ben discuss the fact that Frank was supposed to be the pilot on Flight 815, but he had overslept. Ben initially shocked at this information, callously points out that in the end, The Island got Frank anyway. Suddently Ilana arrives, and orders Ben out at gun-point. She marches him to a small field where all the people who have died on the Island are buried. She secures his legs to prevent escape, and then hands him a shovel and orders him to start digging. He is to dig his own grave.

Miles arrives with some food for Ben, who refuses. However, he does offer Miles that he will give him $3.2 million - a figure that Miles had previously demanded from Ben as shown in the episode Eggtown - if Miles helps him get out of his predicament. Miles sarcastically responds that there's 8 million dollars in diamonds buried with Nikki and Paulo (whom he refers to as "jabronies"). Ben states disbelief that Miles is goign to stand by as Ben is killed for murdering someone who didn't even care about being murdered. Miles, suddenly serious, tells Ben that Jacob did care, and that right up until the second that the knife pierced his heart, he was hoping that he was wrong about Ben. Ben is visibly disturbed by this revelation.

Later, The Man in Black approaches Ben offers him escape. He tells Ben that he is planning on leaving the Island, and he wants to leave Ben in charge of the Island once he's gone. Obviously dubius, Ben agrees, but indicates that he cannot leave. Locke points at Ben's shackles, which fall open. Locke tells Ben to come to the Hydra Station, and that he has left a rifle for him 200 yards into the jungle. Ben makes a break for it, into the jungle and Ilana chases after.

Ben reaches the rifle that Locke had promised, getting the the drop on Ilana. He tells her that he only wants to explain that he knows how she feels because he too lost someone, detailing events that occurred in the episode The Shape of Things to Come, when Alex was gunned down by Martin Keamy. He told Ilana that he had given his entire life, and sacrificed everything, even his own daughter for Jacob, who didn't even care. He tells Ilana that he is sorry for killing Jacob, but that he doesn't expect her to forgive him, as he can't even forgive himself.

Ilana asks where he'll go, and Ben says he will go to Locke because he's the only one who will have Ben. Ilana forgives Ben and indicates that she will also have Ben. Ben accepts, as he follows after her to the beach.

Hurley and JackEdit

Following the events in Lighthouse, Jack and Hurley decide to return to the Temple. Having been warned by Jacob that this was not a good idea, Hurley tries to stall. Richard Alpert then appears offering to return them to the Temple. Jack tells Hurley that he intends to follow Richard. Hurley blurts out a question about how its possible that Richard doesn't seem to age. Richard responds that he received a gift from Jacob. Instead of the Temple, the group arrives at The Black Rock. Richard tells them that he lied because everyone at the Temple was dead, although allowing for the possibility that some of their friends may have made it out alive. 
200px-6x07 HereIsAShip

Jack, Hugo, and Richard arrive at the Black Rock.

Hurley then reveals that he's been talking to Jacob, and it was Jacob who told him that returning to the Temple was not safe. Richard pointedly tells Hurley that anything "Jacob" says is a lie. He then indicates that he wants to kill himself at the Black Rock, but that he needs help, as he cannot kill himself. Richard reveals that being touched by Jacob is a gift (notable because all remaining Candidates have been touched by Jacob, as shown in the episode The Incident), and that it is also a curse. Richard reveals that he is distraught because he devoted his life to Jacob who said that he had a plan, and now that Jacob was dead, his entire life has had no purpose.

Jack lights the fuse on a stick of dynamite, but rather than leaving Richard to die, Jack sits down and joins him confident that neither of them are going to die. Jack tells Richard that he had just been at the lighthouse, and discovered that Jacob has been watching Jack for his whole life. Jack indicates that he's now sure that Jacob brought him to the island for a reason, and that reason is not to die on the Black Rock. The fuse on the dynamite fizzles out at the last second, proving Jack right. Jack offers to try again, but Richard, convinced, declines the offer. They decide to return to the beach with the others.

Charles WidmoreEdit

Jack, Hurley and Richard arrive on the beach, joining Ilana and the others. Sun runs to greet Hurley and Jack and hugs them. Ben and Richard both appear separated from the cheerful group who are celebrating their little reunion.

Off-shore, a periscope peeks above the surface of the water, and spies on the happy group on the beach. A voice is heard reporting that there are people on the beach and asks whether they should stop.

A response to proceed is planned is then heard, and it is revealed that Charles Widmore has finally returned to the island.

Timeline DifferencesEdit

  • In the alternate timeline, Ben Linus is a mild mannered history teacher at the same school as John Locke and Leslie Arzt.
  • In the alternate timeline, Ben's father Roger is still alive. He appears to have emphasema or other respiratory ailment that requires the use of an oxygen tank that Ben helps him with. This is an ironic counterpoint to the fact that in the original timeline, Ben killed his father by opening a tank containing poison gas near him, as shown in the episode The Man Behind the Curtain.
  • In the alternate timeline, Ben has not adopted Alex Rousseau as a daughter, however he seems to have taken her under his wing as his star pupil.
  • In the alternate timeline, Ben voluntarily relinquishes his grab for power to benefit Alex. In the original timeline, Ben sacrificed Alex to retain power.

Memorable QuotesEdit

It's Doctor Linus, actually. 
- Ben
Wanna try another stick?
- Jack
Where will you go?
To Locke.
Because he's the only one who will have me.
- Ilana and Ben

Background InformationEdit

  • Richard Alpert implies he arrived on the Island on board the Black Rock. This is later confirmed in the episode Ab Aeterno.

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