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Dr. Je-Gyu Kim
Je Gyu Kim
Name Dr. Je-Gyu Kim
Gender Male
Country Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Doctor
Episode(s) The Whole Truth
Played By Greg Joung Paik

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Dr. Je-Gyu Kim was a doctor and a fertility expert residing in Seoul, South Korea who was a good friend of Mr. Paik. When Mr. Paik's daughter Sun and her husband Jin came in for an examination to see if they were able to conceive a child, he informed them that they were unable to do so due to Sun having advanced endometriosis, scar tissue blocking the fallopian tubes. He states that even with surgery, the chances of conceiving were impossible. Upon hearing this, Jin accused Sun of having prior knowledge of this, to which Sun sarcastically stated that she had done so to trap the son of a fisherman. Jin became frustrated and threw all of Dr. Kim's papers from his desk to the floor and stormed out.

Dr. Kim would later approach Sun on the street and inform her that he lied to her, and that it was actually Jin who was incapable of having children. He stated that he had done so as a precautionary measure for himself, and that if he told a man like Jin that he couldn't have children, that his practice would have been burned to the ground. Sun asked why he told her, and Dr. Kim informed her that she deserved to know the truth.

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