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Dr. Evelyn Ariza
Name Dr. Evelyn Ariza
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, California
Occupation Administrator at St. Sebastian Hospital
Episode(s) The Little Prince
Played By Stephanie Niznik

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Dr. Evelyn Ariza is a member of the administrative staff at St. Sebastian Hospital in Los Angeles, California, and was responsible for informing Jack Shephard on his tenuous standing within the hospital. After Sayid Jarrah had been brought into the hospital by Jack to secretly treat the wounds he received in an earlier fight, Ariza came to Jack to inform him that it was the hospital's opinion that he was a legal liability to them. Despite Jack's attempt at an apology for his recent actions, Ariza appeared unconvinced. Ariza was then prevented from further reprimanding Shephard when he received a call on his cell phone and motioned to be excused from the conversation. (The Little Prince)

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