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Dr. Brooks
Dr Brooks
Name Dr. Brooks
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Doctor at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute
Episode(s) Dave
Played By Bruce Davison

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Dr. Douglas Brooks was employed at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and was the doctor of Hurley. Dr. Brooks tried to help Hurley recover from an "accident", which Hurley believes was his fault that caused the deaths of two people. While Hurley was in Santa Rosa, he became friends with a man named Dave, who he did not know was imaginary.

While Hurley was playing Connect Four with Leonard, Dr. Brooks decided to take a picture of Hurley and Dave together. When Hurley and Dr. Brooks later met for a meeting, Hurley agreed with Dave and called Dr. Brooks a quack, it was then that Dr. Brooks showed Hurley the photo of the two of them together, and that Dave wasn't his friend, because Dave wasn't real.

In the alternate timeline of Season 6, Dr. Brooks is Libby's doctor. He directs Libby away from Hugo whom he believes she is bothering. Later Hugo talks to Dr. Brooks in an attempt to have a visit with Libby. Dr. Brooks initially recommends against visits, however, a very generous donation by Hugo convinces him to let the two have a conversation.