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Name Dogen
Gender Male
Country Japan
Occupation Member of the Others
Keeper of the Temple
Episode(s) LA X
Played By Hiroyuki Sanada

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Dogen was an apparent member of the Others stationed at the Temple at the time of Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Jin's arrival. The four survivors had come to the temple, at Jacob's behest to Hurley, to attempt to revive and heal Sayid, who was dying from a gunshot wound. Dogen appeared out of the temple along with Lennon, with the latter acting as a translator for the Japanese man. Dogen instructed Lennon to have the survivors shot, which was only stayed when Hurley announced they were sent by Jacob, and produced proof of this claim. Hurley produced the guitar case given to him by Jacob, which contained a large wooden Ankh sculpture. Dogen then promptly broke the sculpture over his knee, and removed a note from inside. After demanding to learn the survivors' names, Dogen then left, with Lennon announcing that they must save Sayid's life, or face the consequences of his death.

Following this, Sayid was brought into the Temple and placed in a wading pool, where he was held underwater by Others. Dogen then turned over an hourglass, and forced Sayid to remain underwater until it completed. Sayid, however, went prone prior to this, and Dogen announced Sayid's death, as announced by Lennon. Dogen and Lennon then spoke with Hurley privately in a garden room, where it was revealed that Dogen spoke and understood English perfectly, and did not necessarily require Lennon's services. However, Dogen found the English language distasteful, and preferred to be translated by Lennon. It was here that Hurley announced Jacob's death, which greatly shocked the two others, who expected Jacob to arrive at the Temple.

Stunned by the news of Jacob's death, Dogen and Lennon sounded an alarm which called all Others present to fortify and strengthen the Temple's exterior defenses, as well as line the outer rim with a dark powder, which Lennon described as necessary to keep an outside force out of the Temple. (LA X)

As Sayid is resurrected by the Man in Black , Dogen makes some tests on him , which he fails , leaving him to believe that he has been infected and asks Jack to give him a pill of poison .

In the episode "Sundown" Dogen was murdered by Sayid by drowning in the wading pool.

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