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Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation DHARMA Initiative doctor
Episode(s) LaFleur
Played By Christopher Jaymes

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The doctor was a medical official who worked with the DHARMA Initiative on the island. Stationed at the infirmary within the DHARMA barracks, the doctor was medically trained as an internist, meaning he specialized in diagnosing internal illnesses with the use of non-surgical treatments. His lack of surgical expertise arose in 1977, when a pregnant Amy was brought into his care, about to give birth. After reviewing the patient, the doctor determined that the unborn child was upside down in Amy's womb, and a cesarean section would be required to safely deliver the baby. Upon hearing this, Sawyer went to the DHARMA motor pool to retrieve Juliet. A trained obstetrician, Juliet had the medical knowledge to perform the surgery and save the child. Unaware of this, the doctor objected to Juliet's arrival, but was overruled by Amy, who requested Juliet be allowed to perform the surgery. (LaFleur)