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Do No Harm
Season 1
Episode 20
Air Date April 6, 2005
Writer(s) Janet Tamaro
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Jack Shephard

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An injured Boone is brought back to the camp, and Jack does his best to repair the damage. Sayid and Shannon trek off for a secluded romantic encounter. And Claire goes into labour.


Jack works to save Boone, who was crushed in the Beechcraft he and Locke found out in the jungle. Jack enlists help from Sun and sends Kate for Sawyer's alcohol stash, when Boone's lung collapses; Jack uses a knitting needle to puncture the lung and inserts a tube to temporarily remedy the situation.

In a flashback to a tuxedo shop, Jack ties a bowtie on his friend Silverman (his childhood buddy from episode #105). When the tuxedo manager comes out with a jacket for the groom, Silverman points to Jack and we realize that Jack is about to get married.

Back at the caves, Jack sees that Boone's right leg is horribly fractured and that he's lost a lot of blood. Boone begins to come around, convinced he's going to die, but Jack promises to save him. At the beach, Claire finds Sawyer, Michael and Jin at the raft and asks when it's going to be ready, clearly anxious to get off the island. Kate rushes in and tells Sawyer that they need his alcohol for Boone. She explains that Boone was injured while out hunting for boar, but Sawyer points out that they haven't been getting any boar lately, casting some doubt on Locke's story. Meanwhile, Jack works to sew up Boone's chest and concludes that he needs a blood transfusion.Jack steps out for some air, debating what to do, when Charlie approaches, peppering him with questions and causing Jack to snap that he doesn't have all the answers.

In another flashback, Sarah, the bride to be, gives a flattering toast that makes Jack uncomfortable. Sarah met Jack after she was in a car accident, and Jack was able to save her life and help regain the use of her legs. Jack promised he would fix her and he did just that—because when Jack says he's going to do something, he does it. And Sarah raises her glass to the most committed man she's ever known—Jack Shephard, her hero.

Back on the island, Kate rushes back to camp, trips and breaks some of the alcohol bottles. While picking them up, she follows a sound in the woods to find Claire, by herself and clearly going into labor. Kate calls for help and insists they get to Jack, but it's painfully obvious that Claire can't make it. Meanwhile, Sun rouses Boone to tell her his blood type—A negative. Jack is frustrated that he doesn't even have a needle sharp enough to do the transfusion. While he tries to figure something out, he sends Sun to find Shannon and Charlie to find someone with the same blood type. Shannon, however, is nowhere to be found because she is out in the jungle with Sayid, who has set up a romantic picnic for the two of them.

On the beach, Jin hears Kate's calls for help and rushes to find them. Kate sends Jin to the caves with the alcohol and tells him to return with Jack, while she stays with Claire. At the caves, Charlie returns with bad news—he found a single type A, but isn't sure if it's positive or negative, and nobody seems to know their own blood type. Sun returns with a sea urchin, the needle of which is hollow and sharp enough for Jack to use in the transfusion. Jack announces he'll use it on himself, as he's O-negative, a universal donor. Jack assures Charlie and Sun that while it's dangerous, Boone is not going to die.

Another flashback takes place at the hotel bar, the night before Jack's wedding. Sarah joins him at the piano as he toys with the keys. She offers him an out by saying, "You don't have to do this…", referring to their wedding vows. Sarah has already written her own, while Jack is having difficulty finding the words. Sarah is loving and reassuring and tells Jack that with or without vows, she can't wait to marry him. She tells him she'll be upstairs while Jack continues to wait for his father.

Back on the island, Jin arrives at the med tent to find Jack mid-transfusion. He immediately locks eyes with Sun. Despite the fact that they aren't speaking, he has to rely on her to translate. He tells Sun, who tells Jack and Charlie, about Claire's predicament. Jack can't leave, as he is committed to saving Boone. He snaps into leader mode and instructs Charlie to have Kate wait until the contractions are sixty seconds apart before instructing Claire to push. Back with Claire and Kate, the contractions have stopped and Claire assumes it was false labor. But the relief is temporary, because her water suddenly breaks, and Claire panics, terrified of having the baby on the island.

In the med tent, Boone comes to momentarily and tells Jack all about the Beechcraft, but he is groggy and Jack thinks he might be referring to Oceanic Flight 815. Boone tells Jack that plane fell on him, then mentions the hatch and the fact that Locke told him not to tell anyone about it. Before Jack can get any clarity, Boone drifts back out of consciousness, mumbling Shannon's name. Shannon is still at the beach with Sayid, sharing a romantic kiss by firelight. Before it goes any further, she confesses that Boone is her step brother, and that he's in love with her. She assures Sayid the feelings aren't reciprocal, but she wanted him to know, in case they all had to coexist on the island for an extended time.

Back in the jungle, Claire's contractions are getting more intense. Charlie returns and tells Kate that she is going to have to deliver the baby solo. Meanwhile, Jin tries to comfort Claire, who is afraid that while she was out in the jungle alone, her captors did something to her baby. At the caves, Jack is further frustrated when he realizes the transfusion isn't working because Boone's injuries aren't from a simple fall—something crushed his legs. Angry, he tells Hurley to find Michael.

In the next flashback, Jack is sitting poolside at the hotel with his feet in the water, and a drink at his side. He looks over a piece of paper when his father, Christian, joins him. Jack explains that he's looking at Sarah's vows—he took them from her room because he's having so much trouble writing his own. Christian asks Jack if he loves Sarah and if she loves him. When Jack responds yes to both questions, he claims that it really comes down to his fear of not being a good husband and father. Christian points out that commitment has always been Jack's strong point, but his weak point is that he doesn't know when to let go.

Back on the island, Jack tells Michael that Boone's leg is dead and filling with blood and that he needs to amputate. He can't use the axe, so he wants Michael to rig a guillotine from the plane's cargo door. Meanwhile, Jin stays with Charlie while Kate instructs Claire to push, but she quickly realizes that Claire's doing the exact opposite and holding the baby in because she's scared. Kate tells her that she's not alone, and that everyone is going to be there for her. With a newfound confidence, Claire begins to push. At the caves, Jack faces the horrible task that lies ahead of him, while Sun pleads for him not to do it, feeling that Boone would be better off left to die peacefully. However, Jack has shut himself off to emotions and continues to prep Boone for amputation.

In a flashback of the big wedding day, Jack stands with Sarah as she gives her vows. But when it comes time to deliver his own, he hesitates, scaring his bride for a tense beat. He explains that he's not good at letting go, that he's stubborn and afraid to fail. However, he turns and tells Sarah that after her accident, he didn't fix her, she fixed him. "We can do this. I love you and always will." Jack kisses his new bride.

As the blade is about to drop, Boone calls Jack's name, stopping him in the process and asking Jack to let him go. He says that he knows he's all messed up inside, and lets Jack out of his promise to save him so he can die peacefully. Jack's conflicted, but finally relents and moves him out of the guillotine. Meanwhile, Claire delivers a final push and gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Charlie and Jin celebrate. And as a new life enters the island, another one leaves—Boone takes his last breath with Jack watching over him.

Back on the beach, the survivors celebrate the birth. But the celebration is cut short for Jack, who has to face Shannon when she returns with Sayid, oblivious to the fact that her brother is dead. While Shannon mourns over Boone's body, Kate goes to Jack to see if he's okay. Jack is oddly cold, packing his backpack as she speaks. "Boone died, Jack." Jack retorts, "Boone didn't die, he was murdered." And with that statement, Jack heads out. Kate asks where he's going and Jack responds, "To find John Locke…"

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Boone, listen to me. Listen. You are not going to die. I'm going to fix this, okay? I am going to save you."

- Jack

"Tell Shannon Tell Shannon I

- Boone

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  • The character of Marc Silverman had previously appeared in White Rabbit as a childhood friend of Jack's who was being assaulted at the hands of a bully. In this episode the character is brought back as an adult and portrayed by Zack Ward.

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