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Diane Jansen
Name Diane Jansen
Gender Female
Country Iowa, US
Occupation Waitress
Family Daughter - Kate Austen
Husband - Wayne Jansen
Ex-Husband - Sam Austen
Grandson - Aaron Littleton
Episode(s) Born to Run, What Kate Did, The Long Con, Left Behind, Eggtown
Played By Beth Broderick

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Diane was married to a US Army Sergeant named Sam Austen; while Sam was overseas in Korea, Diane conceived a child with a man named Wayne Jansen. When Diane gave birth to her daughter Kate, she made the decision not to inform her daughter that Wayne was the biological father. When Kate was 5, Diane and Sam broke up. When Sam attempted to take Kate with him, Diane would not allow it. Diane would later marry Wayne, who would prove to be prone to violence toward Diane and would often drink heavily. (What Kate Did)

Years later, Kate finally discovered Wayne was her father after creating a scrapbook for her father’s birthday and noticed the dates on the pictures that were sent to her by his C.O.; disgusted by the very thought of being a part of what Wayne was, Kate set a plan in motion to murder Wayne. Before doing so, Kate took an insurance policy out on her house in Diane’s name, and then blew up the house while Wayne was sleeping inside. Diane was working at a diner at the time her daughter notified her of the insurance policy; shocked and mortified, Diane alerted the US Marshals office of the incident and turned her daughter in. (What Kate Did)

Diane takes the order of Sawyer and Gordy when they meet to discuss the plan to deal with Cassidy. (The Long Con)

Kate would eventually return to Iowa in the hopes that she could question Diane to find out why she had turned in her daughter. To throw off the US Marshals, Kate had her new friend Cassidy, dress in her clothes and act as a Bible saleswoman to see how many agents were waiting to ambush her when she opened the door. Kate later met up with her mother in the back of the diner where she worked, after Cassidy spilled her meal on Diane, forcing her to clean up. When Kate asked the question that had been haunting her, Diane answered that you can't help who you love, that she loved Wayne, and that Kate burned him alive. Diane told Kate that she was not going to let the agents in the diner know that she was back there, but warned that if she ever saw Kate again, the first thing she would do, was scream for help. (Left Behind)

While her daughter remained at large, Diane was diagnosed with cancer. When Kate is granted a favour from her childhood friend Tom, she manages to visit Diane one last time and apologize for everything she has put her through. Frightened, Diane calls for help fearing for her safety, Kate assaults a security guard to free herself and runs for the exits with Tom in tow. As the two drive to escape the pursuing police, Tom is shot several times, and killed. (Born to Run)

Diane was informed by her doctors that she only had six months to live, but she managed to live for additional four years. When Kate was to be put on trial for Wayne's murder, Diane was set to be the prosecution's chief witness, however, she had second thoughts after hearing Jack testify that Kate was a hero that saved the Oceanic Six. In addition, Diane lobbied to secure a deal that she would not testify in order to see her grandson, a request which was denied by Kate. Diane did not testify claiming medical reasons as her excuse for not attending the trial. (Eggtown)

For reasons unknown Diane was not present at the airport at Honolulu, despite she was a relative of one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

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