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Dexter Stubbs
Name Dexter Stubbs
Gender Male
Country United States
Occupation Ivy League Student
Mother Mrs. Stubbs
Flashback(s) Secret Identity

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Dexter Cross was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after fleeing Australia when his true identity was exposed and his lies revealed. Dexter was an Ivy League student at a prestigious University.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Dexter Stubbs was attending high school and dreading his future where he was suddenly hit with a bit of "luck". When his Aunt Paula slipped on the floor of a supermarket, she received a rather large settlement which she used to fund Dexter's University tuition and expenses. Dexter decided to attend a prestigious Ivy League University, and at the insistence of his Aunt, took courses that would aid him in getting into medical school, which he had no desire to do.

When he arrived at the university, he met a girl named Daisy whom he thought was the girl he had been waiting for his entire life. Dexter had completely changed his life and his personality. He did so by lying. Dexter explained his life to Daisy, but it was a complete fabrication. When Daisy invited Dexter to meet with her parents, he agreed. After doing so, Daisy's parents were so impressed that they decided to invite him to join their family for their Australian vacation.

While in Australia with Daisy and her brother Jason, they went to a bar where Jason became extremely intoxicated. Jason then revealed that they were out of money and that Dexter would have to pay for the rest of their trip. Dexter, however, had already spent most of the money he had, and was unable to do so. His lie was exposed, and Daisy left him in embarrassment and humiliation.

After boarding Oceanic Flight 815, he was met by Jason who informed him that Daisy wanted nothing to do with him, and that he was unaware whether or not she was actually on the plane. The plane later crashed onto a mysterious island.

On-Island LifeEdit

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Dexter awoke on Day 2 and was met by Dr. Arzt who retrieved Jack who greeted him and checked him out. Dexter claimed to be "Dexter Cross" and met with some of the other survivors during the first few days. Dexter became quite acquainted with Boone and Shannon during the first few days.

Dexter's main priority while on the island was finding his girlfriend, Daisy, as he wasn't even sure whether or not she was alive or was even on the plane to begin with. Dexter encountered the dead body of Jason in the jungle while he was walking with Michael and Walt. It was there that he saw what many other people had claimed to have seen, a double of himself.

Dexter finally came face-to-face with this double who confronted him and informed him that he was who he used to be. Dexter's lie was exposed on the island, and Dexter shrugged off the "Dexter Cross" name stating that it was just confusion from the crash.