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Detective Reed
Detective Reed
Name Detective Reed
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Detective
Episode(s) The Man from Tallahassee
Played By Don Nahaku

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Detective Reed along with his partner Detective Mason, visited the home of John Locke to inquire as to whether or not he knew a man named Peter Talbot. Initially, Locke denied knowing Peter at all, however, after he was reminded of Peter's visit two days previous, Locke claimed Peter was a solicitor. This did not convince the two, as they were aware that the Talbot's had considerable wealth, and would most likely not be selling door-to-door. Locke was informed by Mason that Peter possessed a piece of paper with Locke's name and address in his pocket, when he inquired why they were looking through his pockets, he was informed that Peter had died.

After Locke was pushed out of a window by Anthony Cooper, the two returned to inform a recovering Locke that his father had escaped to Mexico after the attempted murder, and that he could now be anywhere in the world.