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Detective Calderwood
Name Calderwood
Gender Male
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Detective
Episode(s) Exodus - Part 1
Played By Kevin E. West

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Detective Calderwood was a detective working at a local police station in Sydney, Australia. When a man named "Sawyer" was brought into the station for interrogation after he was arrested for head butting the Honourable Warren Truss, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry during a bar fight. He was kicking and thrashing and in the process broke Detective Calderwood’s mug which had a picture of his family printed on it.

When James Ford returned three days later, Detective Calderwood went down a laundry list of his prior offenses and made comments about James’ life asking questions about how he can live with himself, he then tells Sawyer that he isn’t worth the cost of incarceration and informs him that he is being deported from Australia on the first flight out of the country, and that he is effectively banned from ever setting foot in the nation again.