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Defense Intelligence Agency
Joe Inman
Name Defense Intelligence Agency
Country United States
Introduced In One of Them
Type Intelligence Agency

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The Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, is a major producer and manager of military intelligence for the United States Department of Defense.

Sayid and InmanEdit

During the Gulf War, a helicopter went down in Iraq and the pilot was kidnapped by Republican Guard. When the US Army made their way to an Iraqi intelligence building, Sgt. Buccelli discovered Sayid, and brought him to the attention of Sgt. Sam Austen who needed Sayid’s ability to speak English for translation to Sayid’s commanding officer Tariq who was suspected of having knowledge of where the pilot was. After Sayid was unable to get the information from Tariq, Sgt. Austen turned Sayid over to DIA Operative Kelvin Inman.

Sayid met with Inman who showed him footage of Tariq using Sarin Gas on a village which Sayid previously had family in. Sayid informed Inman that Tariq would never speak to them, and Inman told him that Sayid would have to find a way to get him to talk to him, and presented him with a box filled with devices he could use for torture.

When Sayid had completed the torture, he informed Inman that the pilot had been executed two days previous, and was buried in a field. Inman drove Sayid to the outskirts to a field, and told Sayid that they were pulling out and that Sayid would remain under Saddam’s control, but now he would have a new skill set. Sayid claimed that he would never torture another person ever again. Inman stated in Arabic, that someday there will be something that he will need to know, and now he knows how to get it. Inman presented Sayid with $1000 US, and drove away.


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