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David Reyes
David Reyes
Name David Reyes
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Carmen Reyes
Child Hugo Reyes, Diego Reyes
Episode(s) Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
Played By Cheech Marin

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David was the husband of Carmen Reyes and the father of Hugo and Diego. When Hurley was young, the two of them worked on a Camaro together. What they needed to get the car running was a new carburetor, however; David insisted that Hugo attempted to start the engine, when it failed, David stated that they needed to have hope and that you can make your own luck. David explained to Hurley that he had work that he needed to conduct in Vegas and that he would be back to fix the car so that the two of them could take their road trip to the Grand Canyon together.

17 years later, David received a call from Carmen informing him that Hurley had won the lottery and that he was in trouble. David returned to see his son with the intent of gaining some money from him in order to retire on. David spent dinner with Hurley and Carmen, and Hurley became upset and accused him of wanting some money. The two then proceeded to see a psychic named Lynn Karnoff who David had arranged to trick Hurley into thinking that she could cure him of his curse. However, after offering her $10000, she admitted to him that he had put her up to it.

David later confronted Hurley and admitted that he had come with the intent of gaining some money from him, but then said that those were no longer his intentions. He stated that Hurley should give away all his money, except keep enough to purchase a carburetor, so that they could finish repairing the car. David reiterated what he had told him as a child that you can make your own luck, Hurley then stated that he was heading to Australia, and David stated that he would be there when he got back.

David was also in the episode 'The Lie', helping Hurley take care of Sayid.

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