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Name David
Gender Male
Country Louisiana, USA
Occupation Businessman
Spouse Jessica
Child David and Jessica's Child
Episode(s) Confidence Man
Played By Michael DeLuise

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David was the husband of Jessica, and the two of them had a child together; David was employed at a lumberyard. When David’s wife notified him of a deal that could gain him a profit of $290,000, David rounded up the necessary $160,000 to invest in an oil mining operation in the Gulf of Mexico which would later be triple and split with a man named Sawyer.

When David met with Sawyer to negotiate the terms of the deal, Sawyer left $140,000 in the hands of David to make him feel secure. David agreed to the deal and presented Sawyer with his side of the investment, however; it was the sight of David’s child that abruptly changed Sawyer’s mind. Sawyer bolted out the door leaving his $140,000 behind.