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Danny Pickett
Name Danny Pickett
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Spouse Colleen Pickett
Episode(s) The Hunting Party, Three Minutes, Live Together, Die Alone, The Glass Ballerina, Every Man for Himself, The Cost of Living, I Do, Not in Portland
Played By Michael Bowen

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One of "The Others", Danny Pickett was the first person that Michael made contact with when he made his trek across the island to find Walt. When Michael pointed his gun at him, Pickett signaled to Tom who forcefully removed the gun from his grip. When Michael ran off, Pickett fired a few shots at him, but was immediately halted by Tom who assured Pickett that they needed him.

Michael was captured, and later that night, his fellow 815 survivor Kate Austen was captured as well by Pickett. During a confrontation with Jack, Locke and Sawyer in the jungle, Tom called for Alex to bring Kate out, but it would be Pickett who would do so.

When Michael was brought to the Others Camp, Pickett drew blood from Michael's arm. He would not see Michael again for days later when he was instructed by Ms. Klugh to bring Walt into the tent to see Michael for three minutes.

In "Live Together, Die Alone", Pickett was one of the many others present for the kidnapping of Jack, Kate and Sawyer. Before Ben arrived on the Pala Ferry Dock, Pickett kicked Sawyer in the chest.

In "The Glass Ballerina", he was seen kissing his wife, Colleen on the cheek. He was a senior guard over Kate and Sawyer as they'd been ordered to dig up rocks. When Kate refused to obey him, he shocked Sawyer with a stunner. After Sawyer kissed Kate, he struck Sawyer from behind with the butt of his rifle. In retaliation, Sawyer beat him to the ground. After Sawyer gained the advantage and obtains a rifle in his grasp, Juliet diffused the situation by pointing a gun at Kate. Pickett shocked Sawyer once again.

The next time Danny went to take Kate and Sawyer out of their cages, he received a call over his radio informing him that Colleen had been shot. After her death, Danny stormed back out to the cages and beat Sawyer until Kate she said that she loved him. That night, Danny said his last goodbyes before his wife's body was burned on a floating funeral pyre.

He now appears to want to kill Sawyer and almost succeeds in "I Do" as he holds him at gunpoint. As it seems he is about to shoot him, Tom radios in and prevents the disaster. When Danny turns his head, Sawyer punches Pickett in his already injured nose, and delivers a series of blows and eventually throws Danny's head directly into the electric shock inside the food pellet machine. Kate and Sawyer lock the cage and escape with the help of Alex. Aldo radios Pickett and informs him that Alex, Kate and Sawyer were present at his present location. Once arriving at the Hydra building where Karl was being held, Aldo informs him that he isn't sure where they went. Juliet arrives to tell Pickett that Ben gave the order to let them go free, to which Pickett states that he knows Ben would rather have them die than set free. When Pickett arrives to prevent their escape, he is coldly murdered by Juliet.

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