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Danielle Rousseau
Danielle Rousseau3
Name Danielle Rousseau
Gender Female
Country France
Occupation Scientist
Family Estranged Daughter - Alexandra Linus
Lover - Robert
Episode(s) Solitary, Numbers, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, One of Them, Maternity Leave, Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Enter 77, Par Avion, The Man from Tallahassee, The Brig, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, Confirmed Dead, The Economist , Meet Kevin Johnson, The Little Prince, This Place Is Death, Dead is Dead
Played By Mira Furlan (older)
Melissa Farman (younger)

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Danielle Rousseau was the last remaining survivor of a science team that crashed onto the Island 16 years before Oceanic 815 crashed, 1988.

Life Before The ShipwreckEdit

Danielle Rousseau was a scientist who was in love with her fellow crew member Robert. For their anniversary, Robert had once presented Danielle with a music box with dancing figures inside. Danielle and Robert had conceived a child and 7 months later they would join four other people and set sail as part of a science team. While three days out of Tahiti their ship intercepted a transmission, it was a voice repeating the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42”, the team changed course to investigate. When their ship approached the island it was night, the instruments on their ship malfunctioned; they began to hear sounds, and they were in the middle of a storm. The ship slammed into rocks, and the hull was breached beyond repair. (Solitary)

On-Island LifeEdit

The team dug out a temporary shelter; two months would pass until they would discover the radio tower by the Black Rock. As they waited for rescue, they finally uncovered the radio tower, and they attempted to discover the meaning of the numbers. After she and her team visited “The Dark Territory”, a member of her team named Montand lost his arm, and her team became infected with a “sickness”. One after the other her team fell to the illness. When it became clear that they were already gone and there was no choice of saving them, Danielle murdered her entire team, one after the other. When Danielle killed her husband, it’s possible that he attempted to murder her, but failed to notice the firing pin in his rifle was missing, Danielle had no choice but to kill him. When her team was gone, she returned to the radio tower, and changed the transmission to a distress call. Danielle gave birth to her child by herself; she named her child Alex. She and Alex were together for one week, when she noticed a pillar of Black Smoke five kilometers inland, that night her daughter was abducted by unseen “Others”. Danielle had never seen the abductors of her child, but claims that she hears them out in the jungle whispering. Danielle would spend 16 years on the island trying to survive, finding various information about the island, and searching for the elusive “Others”, who took her child. (Solitary)

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

Rousseau is first seen shortly after capturing Sayid in one of her traps, and holds him in her bunker. She tortures him with electricity, until he eventually convinces her of his identity and that he is not one of the Others. At first, Rousseau is reluctant to let him go, but after much persuasion, she allows Sayid to return to his camp, and cautions him to keep a close eye on the other survivors. (Solitary)

Over two weeks later, she comes across a delirious Claire, who had been left in the jungle. Noticing that Claire's shouting is alerting the Others, Rousseau knocks her unconscious and carries her near the caves, in order for her to find her way back to camp. (Maternity Leave)

Since releasing Sayid, Rousseau rigs her bunker with explosives, which detonates when Sayid and Jack discover it. She sees Charlie and Hurley and shoot at them, suspecting them of being Others. She holds Hurley at gunpoint, to which he asks her about the numbers. She explains that the numbers led her and her team to the island, and agrees that they are cursed. She gives Hurley a battery before leaving. (Numbers)

Early one morning, Rousseau arrives on the beach and warns everyone that the Others are coming. After being introduced to the hatch, she takes Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley and Arzt to the Black Rock, an abandoned slave ship originally en route to a mining colony. She briefly informs them of the dynamite inside before returning to the beach. Upon arriving, she sends Charlie to find Sayid; upon his departure, she knocks Claire unconscious and steals her baby. That night, she reluctantly returns him to Sayid, upset that the Others did not come for the baby. (Exodus - Part 1) / (Exodus - Part 2)

Season Two (Days 44-67)Edit

Rousseau returns to the beach much later, and informs Sayid that she has caught one of the Others. She takes him to her trap, where "Henry Gale" pleads with them to let him go. As he is released, Rousseau shoots him in the shoulder with her crossbow to prevent him from fleeing. (One of Them)

Later, Claire and Kate enter the jungle to find Rousseau. Rousseau joins them as they search for a cure for baby Aaron. They arrive at the Staff Station, to find it completely ransacked. Disappointed that she has not found any trace of Alex, her long-lost child, she leaves them moments before the two head back to camp; Claire tells Rousseau that she believes her daughter helped her escape. (Maternity Leave)

Season Three (Days 68-91)Edit

Late one night, Kate, Locke and Sayid find Rousseau in the jungle. Kate persuades Rousseau to help her when she informs her that a girl named Alex helped her escape from the Others. The four head into the jungle, where they discover the Flame station. Rousseau refuses to approach the station, instead waiting outside for them. When the three return that night with Mikhail as hostage, Rousseau is adamant that he should be killed. Later, Kate questions Rousseau as to why she is not asking about her child's benefit, to which she explains that, having been separated for sixteen years, she does not wish to know as Alex will not even remember her. (Enter 77) / (Par Avion)

When they arrive at the Others' barracks, Rousseau abandons the group; she watches from the bushes that night as Alex heads towards the submarine. Later, Rousseau is approached by Jack and Juliet, and the three concoct a plan to get rid of the Others. (The Man from Tallahassee)

Rousseau enters the Black Rock, where she finds Locke sitting outside the brig, and leaves with a case of dynamite. (The Brig)

She appears later when Jack and Juliet announce their plan to the rest of the camp. Rousseau assists in rigging the targeted shelters with wire from the wreckage, only for the plan to fall awry when Karl informs them that the Others are coming earlier than expected. (Greatest Hits)

Rousseau leads the survivors to the radio tower, in order for them to contact Naomi's freighter. On the way she tells Jack that she won't leave the island, as she has nothing to go back to. En route to the tower, they encounter Ben and Alex; Ben explains to Alex who Rousseau is and mother and daughter are finally reunited. Rousseau watches as Jack makes contact with the freighter. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season Four (Days 91-100)Edit

Ben pleads with Rousseau to take Alex and hide, although she hits him when he calls her his 'daughter'. When Jack realizes Naomi has disappeared Rousseau picks up a trail, and goes to look for her with Ben and Jack. When the trail abruptly ends she admits that they've been tricked. When all of the survivors meet at the cockpit and the group divides in two, Rousseau joins Locke's group and leaves with them, headed for the Barracks. (The Beginning of the End)

Danielle lives at the Barracks with Alex, until she agrees to take Alex and Karl to "The Temple" that Ben advised them to head to for safety. While heading through the jungle, Karl is shot through the chest. Moments later, when Rousseau attempts to escape with Alex, she is then shot herself, leaving Alex alone in the jungle. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Season Five Edit

Rousseau appears in episode four directly after her ship has crashed and she first arrives on the island.

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