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Name Daniel
Gender Male
Country Nigeria
Occupation Altar Boy
Mother Amina
Episode(s) The Cost of Living
Played By Jermaine "Scooter" Smith

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Daniel was the son of Amina and an altar boy at Yemi's church. After Yemi was killed and placed on a plane out of Nigeria, Daniel worked with Eko. While washing his hands with holy water, Daniel informed Eko that he was not to do that, however, Eko claimed that he was washing away his sins.

After Emeka and his gang attacked Eko in the church, Eko murdered them without mercy. When Daniel asked Eko if he was a bad man, Eko replied that "only God knows".

On his way to find Yemi's corpse,Eko encountered an apparition of Daniel which whispered "confess".

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