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Dan Norton
Dan Norton
Name Dan Norton
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California
Occupation Attorney
Episode(s) Because You Left, The Little Prince
Played By Tom Irwin

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Dan Norton was an attorney, working with the law firm Agostini & Norton. Dan, and an unnamed associate, appeared at the home of Kate Austen and Aaron Littleton, and presented her with a court order signed by a judge, requesting the surrender of blood samples from the two of them, to determine their relationship with one another. Norton refused to divulge the identity of his client, but pressed that if Kate refused the request, that he would return with the sheriff. Kate informed him to do so, and slammed the door. (Because You Left)

Norton was met at some point later, by Kate in her office and stated she would submit to the blood tests, under the condition that she was able to meet with his client. Dan stated that he would be visiting his client later, however, he was certain the answer would be no. Norton then warned Kate to prepare herself for a transfer of custody involving Aaron. Norton left his office to meet with Carole Littleton to discuss a lawsuit she had filed with Oceanic Airlines. After leaving, Norton met with Benjamin Linus and informed him that there was no case against Hurley and that he would be released from prison soon. It was later revealed that Ben was also Norton's client who was in a custody battle for Aaron. (The Little Prince)

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