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DJ Dan - Shutting Down the Man
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DJ Dan Lapinsky
Name DJ Dan Lapinsky
Gender Male
Country United States of America
Occupation Radio DJ
Appears In The Lost Experience
Played By Javier Grillo-Marxuach

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DJ Dan Lapinsky is rumored to have grown up in either Terre Haute, IN - Tulsa, OK - or Macon, AL sometime in the tumultuous 1960s. A veteran of the Gulf War, DJ Dan witnessed firsthand the darkest parts of the human struggle, from that point vowing to shed light on those who would seek to let greed and self-interest cheapen the value of human life. DJ Dan wishes not to speak or think for his audience. He merely hopes to give voice to those issues The Man would rather see buried and forgotten.

DJ Dan hosts a radio podcast program entitled "DJ Dan: Shutting Down the Man" with his sidekick host Tonya Jefferson. On this program, DJ Dan chats with his "conspiraspies" about conspiracies, and mega-corporations such as The Hanso Foundation.