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Crib Mobile
Name Crib Mobile
Introduced In Raised By Another
Last Seen In Maternity Leave
Owned By The Others
Found By Claire Littleton

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Claire had a nightmare which involved her walking through the jungle, no longer pregnant, encountering a black-eyed/white-eyed John Locke, and a crib filled with blood. The mobile on the crib has planes sporting the Oceanic Airlines logo on them. (Raised By Another)

When Claire was brought to the Staff Station by Ethan, she saw the same crib for real inside the station, again with the same Oceanic logos on the planes. The mobile also played the song "Catch a Falling Star" which was the same song her father sang to her as a child, as well as the song she requested Arlene and Joseph Stewart sing to her child when she was planning to give the baby up or adoption. (Maternity Leave)