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Name Craig
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Pilot - Part 1, Pilot - Part 2, Tabula Rasa, Walkabout, White Rabbit, House of the Rising Sun, Confidence Man, Solitary, Raised By Another, Whatever the Case May Be, Homecoming, Outlaws, ...In Translation, Deus Ex Machina, Do No Harm, The Greater Good, Born to Run, Exodus - Part 1, Exodus - Part 2, Man of Science, Man of Faith, Orientation, Everybody Hates Hugo, Abandoned, Collision, What Kate Did, The 23rd Psalm, The Hunting Party, Fire + Water, The Long Con, Maternity Leave, Dave, S.O.S., Live Together, Die Alone, Enter 77, Exposé, Left Behind, Catch-22, D.O.C., The Man Behind the Curtain, Greatest Hits, Through the Looking Glass, The Beginning of the End, There's No Place Like Home - Part 1 There's No Place Like Home - Part 2, Because You Left, The Lie
Played By Chris Candella

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Craig was one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Prior to boarding Flight 815, Craig paused briefly by a set of doors at the Sydney Airport as Sun was deciding whether or not to go through with her plan to leave her husband. Later, he was waiting in the same line for the metal detector as Dr. Arzt when Hurley tried to cut to the front of the line.

On-Island LifeEdit

Craig is present for many of the occurrences on the island. Craig was assisted directly after the crash by another passenger, and joined others that night to hear the roars and sounds of the Monster emanating from within the jungle.

Craig proved himself helpful during the first days after the crash by helping Claire and other survivors sort wallets and other possession which were strewn across the beach.

Craig was on the beach when Jin tackled Michael after realizing that Michael had in his possession, the Rolex Watch which Jin needed to protect as it was a matter of honour.

Craig helped his fellow survivors gather the luggage that was drifting into the water when it was floating into the ocean when the tide suddenly shifted. Craig joined the camp that night as they moved down the camp to their new home.

When Steve was found murdered on the beach, Craig was one of the onlookers on the beach watching as his body was being carried away.

Craig was present to see Michael delivering a beating to Jin after the raft was burned. Craig was present with the entire camp when Claire showed her newborn son, Aaron, to the camp. Craig mourned the death of Boone with his fellow survivors at the funeral.

Craig was recruited by Jack to join him and several other survivors in assisting in the quickened construction of the raft. Craig along with all those around him at the raft see the Black Smoke coming from across the island, signaling the approach of The Others. Before the launching of the raft, Craig wrote a letter and gave it to Charlie to put in the message bottle. Craig later headed to the caves when a looming threat of "The Others" was delivered by Danielle Rousseau.

Craig was hanging out with fellow survivor Scott at the beach on the day that Hurley passed out the food from the hatch to the group. Craig would join his fellow survivors in the partaking of the food that night, and thanked Hurley for doing what he did.

Craig also joins his fellow survivors on the beach to welcome the return of Jin, and the new additions of Bernard and Libby when they arrived after walking from the other side of the island.

When Bernard set out to construct his S.O.S., he was speaking with Richard and Jerome when he was chosen by Bernard to help. Craig later opted not to help, and did not return to pitch in.

Craig was one of the many people on the beach when Desmond's sailboat was spotted. When Jin found the ping-pong table, he assisted in carrying it out to the beach and later watched with amusement as Hurley beat Sawyer in a game that resulted in Sawyer being unable to refer to anyone by a nickname for one week. He attended the funeral of Nikki and Paulo four days later.

When it was discovered that the Others were planning to raid the camp, Craig joined his fellow survivors in preparing to leave for the radio tower. Shortly before leaving Jack checked to make sure that Craig had enough water.

Craig later helped Daniel Faraday ferry survivors to the Kahana. He was on the Zodiac raft with Daniel when Ben moved the island. He then returned to the island and was present when the survivors were attacked with flaming arrows by the Others. He was shot while fleeing the beach. Juliet tried to help him, but he was already dead.