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Prior to their arrival on the island, both major and minor characters had occasion to interact, often unknowingly, sometimes affecting each others' lives. These are revealed through characters' flashbacks, and are typically only obvious to viewers. Some intersections are quite noticeable, with different characters conversing with each other, but most often they are oblivious to these crossovers, with characters sometimes appearing on televisions or being glimpsed in the background.

Pre-Island ConnectionsEdit

These are connections between characters that have occurred prior to arriving on the island.

Connections - BooneSawyer
Sawyer and Boone

After Sawyer was arrested and brought to the New South Wales Police for questioning, a few desks away, Boone was filing a complaint about a man named Bryan with whom he believed had physically assaulted his sister, Shannon. When Sawyer became irate, he was dragged out of the room by the police.

Connections - SawyerJack
Sawyer and Jack & Claire

Sawyer was in a bar in Sydney, Australia when he struck up a conversation with a man named Christian Shephard, Jack and Claire's father. Sawyer would later reveal the encounter to Jack in "Exodus - Part 1" before he left on the raft. Claire does not know the connection of Jack and Sawyer or her and Jack.

Connections - SawyerHurley
Sawyer and Hurley

When Sawyer was met by a man from his past named Hibbs who was waiting for Sawyer in his room, Sawyer was with a woman named Mary Jo that evening. She may or may not have been involved in a current con he was pulling. Mary Jo was also the woman who drew Hurley’s winning lottery numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

Connection - HurleyJin
Hurley and Jin

When Jin was visiting Byung Han’s house to deliver a message from Mr. Paik, Byung's daughter is seen watching the news, and Hurley is seen on the TV entering a car avoiding a news crew.

Connections - LockeHurley
Hurley and Locke

Hurley was previously institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute for an accident that killed two people which he believes he is responsible for, and Locke’s mother Emily Locke was also a patient at the same institute for schizophrenia.

Connection - LockeHurleyRandy

Hurley was previously employed at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack where his boss was a man named Randy, Locke worked at the Tustin Box Co. where his boss was also Randy.

Connection - LockeHurleyBoxCompany

After winning the lottery, Hurley was informed by his accountant that he was the majority shareholder of a box company in Tustin, California, which is suspected of being the very same that Locke worked at.

Connection - JackShannon
Jack and Shannon

While Jack was working at St. Sebastian Hospital, two patients were rushed into the E.R. One was a woman named Sarah, who arrived first; and the other was Shannon’s father Adam Rutherford. When Shannon and her step-mother arrived to the hospital later that day, Jack passes them in the hallway.

Connections - DesmondJack
Jack and Desmond

After completing Sarah’s surgery, Jack went to a nearby stadium and attempted a “tour de stade”, in doing so he noticed another man doing the same, and tried to match his speed, and in the process tripped and hurt his ankle. Desmond rushed over to help him and the two began to chat.

Connection - SayidKate
Kate and Sayid

Sgt. Sam Austen needed Sayid's ability to speak both Arabic and English to aid in translating to Sayid's commanding officer Tariq to obtain the location of a missing U.S. Pilot. Sayid and Sgt. Austen would later ride together in a U.S. Army truck to a field in Iraq, while doing so Sam held a photo of his daughter Kate.

Connection - KateSayid

Years later, When Kate went to her father’s army base to visit him, there is a television in the room and Sayid appears on the screen.

Connections - EkoYemiGoldie
Eko and Yemi & Goldie

Eko and Goldie previously worked together in the same militia, and forced Yemi to sign documents to make them priests, to smuggle drugs out of Nigeria. The plane Goldie and Yemi were on, crashed on the island, and was found by Eko years later.

Connections - SawyerKate
Kate and Sawyer

While meeting his fellow conman, Gordy, at a diner, Sawyer's order is taken by Kate's mother, Diane.

Connection - KateSawyer

After she was conned out of her money by Sawyer, Cassidy met Kate outside of a general store, and was helped after an employee threatened to call the police after attempting to con him. Cassidy and Kate became friends, and Cassidy decided to help Kate speak with her mother to question her as to why she was turned into the US Marshals.

Connections - LockeSayid
Locke and Sayid

Locke was previously employed as a home inspector. When Nadia (Sayid's former love) made her way from Iraq to the United States, she settled down in California. She had her home inspected by Locke on one occasion.

Connections - HurleyLibby
Libby and Hurley

Hurley and Libby were both institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Hurley seems to have no memory of Libby there, but claims on the island that she 'looks familiar.' It is hinted that she does know Hurley, but whether or not Libby remembers Hurley remains unknown.

Connections - LibbyLockeHurley
Libby and Locke

Libby was previously institutionalized at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute for unknown reasons, and Locke’s mother Emily Locke was also a patient at the same institute for schizophrenia.

Connections - AnaLuciaJack
Ana-Lucia and Jack & Claire

Ana-Lucia was previously employed as an airport security agent. While at the airport bar, Ana met Christian Shephard and explained to him that she was formerly a cop. Christian invited her to accompany him to Sydney as his bodyguard. Ana-Lucia and Christian later went to Lindsey's house, who was Claire's aunt.

Connections - AnaSawyer
Ana-Lucia and Sawyer

As Christian was preparing to leave the car, Ana was parked by a bar across the street, Christian opened the door, which Sawyer ran into, saying, "I'm walking here." Ana and Sawyer were several feet from each other.

Connections - EkoClaire
Mr. Eko and Claire

Mr. Eko and Claire both visited a psychic by the name of Richard Malkin. Claire visited Malkin after he presented her about the fate of her child and what she must do to protect it. Eko visited Malkin to confirm or debunk Joyce Malkin's theory that her daughter was brought back to life by a miracle.

Connections - DesmondLibby
Desmond and Libby

While in a coffee shop in Los Angeles, Desmond met Libby and had a coffee with her. As the two began to chat, Desmond revealed that he was going on a race around the world, and needed a boat. Libby offered him her late husband's boat Elizabeth, claiming that he would have wanted him to have it.

Connection - SayidDesmond
Desmond and Sayid

Both men unknowingly had past acquaintance with one, Kelvin Inman. Sayid served as an interrogator under Inman for the United States army. Desmond, upon crashing his boat upon the island, ended up serving time inside the Swan Station with Inman. The coincidence occurred when Inman joined the DHARMA Initiative upon being removed from duties in the US Army.

Connections - JackLocke
Jack and Locke

After his kidney transplant, Locke awoke to see a nurse, she informed him that his father had gone home and was under private care. This nurse later worked with Jack at St. Sebastian Hospital.

Connections - Juliethan
Juliet and Ethan

Juliet crossed paths with Ethan while heading to her sister's home to administer tests to help her become pregnant. While heading down the hall, she passed Ethan who said hello to her. She would later meet face-to-face with Ethan when Richard Alpert from Mittelos BioScience came to offer her a position with the company and introduced Ethan as his colleague.

Connections - DesmondCharlie
Desmond and Charlie

Desmond and Charlie crossed paths on the streets of London after Desmond had left his meeting at Widmore Industries. Charlie was playing his guitar on the street labeling it as the "Musical Styling of Charlie Hieronymus Pace". Desmond approached his asking him where he knew him from, and then it all came back to Desmond about the island and the hatch.

Connections - ClaireJack
Claire and Jack

Christian Shephard had a child with Margo Shephard whom they named Jack. Christian also had a fling with Carole Littleton which resulted in them conceiving a child which was named Claire. Unbeknownst to either of them, Jack and Claire are siblings and are now living on the island together.

Richard and Juliet

Richard was previously a recruiter for Mittelos BioScience, and alongside Ethan, the two recruited Juliet to join their team. Eventually, Richard made his way to the island as a member of the Others, and rejoined Juliet.

Locke and Anthony

Anthony Cooper was the biological father of John Locke, and had previously pushed him from an eight story window, paralyzing John for 4 years, and never saw him again. It was not until Anthony arrived on the island and was captured by the Others, that he and John met face to face again.

Connections - LockeSawyer
Sawyer and Locke

Locke's biological father was Anthony Cooper, who was a con man that took John's kidney. Anthony had previously conned Sawyer's parents, which resulted in Sawyer's father committing a murder-suicide along with Sawyer's mother.

Connections - CharlieSayid
Charlie and Sayid

After hearing a woman scream down an alley, Charlie rushes to her rescue by hitting her assailant with his guitar case, causing him to flee. The woman that Charlie saves in Nadia, who was previously Sayid's love during his time in the Republican Guard. Nadia praises Charlie, and claims that he is a hero.

Connections - DanielDesmond
Desmond and Daniel

After approaching the Kahana in the helicopter, Desmond begins to experience strange symptoms which alters his conscioussness between 1996 and 2004. At the suggestion of Daniel, he requests Desmond travel to Oxford University to visit him. It is there that the two discuss how to remedy his condition.

Connections - RichardJohn
Richard and Locke

Richard came into contact several times during Locke's life. As a baby, Richard visited the hospital where Locke was being held after his birth. Richard visitted Locke's foster home when he was five years old, claiming to represent a school for special children, and deemed Locke not quite ready for attendance. When Locke was in high school, Richard contacted Locke's science teacher in the hopes of having Locke attend a summer camp.

The Day of Flight 815Edit

These are interactions that occurred between passengers prior to boarding Oceanic Flight 815 on the day of the flight.

Connections - MichaelSteve
Michael & Walt and Steve

Michael and Walt were staying in the same hotel as Steve the night before their flight left, their rooms were right next door to each others. When Walt left the hotel room, Michael chased after him to bring him back, and during this Steve inquired as to what was happening.

Connections - CharlieHurley
Hurley and Charlie

Hurley and Charlie were staying at the same hotel the night before the flight left. When Hurley was attempting to leave the hotel in a hurry after his radio did not wake him up, he headed toward the elevator and when it opened it was full; as Hurley headed for the stairs, Charlie screamed to him that “some of us have a bloody flight to make”.

Connections - HurleyArzt
Hurley and Arzt

When Hurley was running through the airport attempting to make his flight, he cut to the front of the security line, and was given a stern look of disappointment from Arzt who was waiting at the front of the line impatiently.

Connections - LockeMichael
Michael and Locke

When Michael was using the phones in the airport to call his mother in the hopes that she would agree to take care of Walt, Locke is being wheeled through the airport. Michael turns away before being able to see this.

Connections - SayidShannon
Sayid and Shannon

While Shannon waiting in the airport for Boone, Shannon was greeted by Sayid who requested to leave his bag in her sight while he completed an errand. When Boone and Shannon left, she alerted one of the Airport Guards to the fact that an “Arab guy” (Sayid) had left his bag in the terminal, due to this Sayid was detained by Airport Security.

Connections - JackJin
Jin and Jack

While Jack was in the check-in line at the airport attempting to convince Chrissy to allow his father’s casket on the plane, he screamed at her drawing attention from others around him, Jin was one of these people.

Connections - JackAna
Jack and Ana-Lucia

After Jack left his argument with Chrissy, Jack proceeded to the airport bar. It was there that he was greeted by Ana-Lucia who questioned him as to why he was yelling. The two spoke about how Jack’s father had just died. The two agreed to meet up on the plane for a drink. As Ana left to take a phone call, she told Jack that the worst part was over.

Connection - LockeRose
Rose and Locke

While waiting in the airport, Rose drops a bottle of pills from her purse which roll to the ground, she is assisted by Locke who wheels past her, and hands the bottle back to her.

Connections - AnaJin
Ana-Lucia and Jin

While waiting in line at the airport, at the same time that Jack was speaking with Chrissy about getting his father's body on board, Ana-Lucia and Jin were standing in line near each other.

Connections - LibbyEko
Mr. Eko and Libby
  • Occurred in ?

While at the airport, Mr. Eko is paid a visit by Charlotte Malkin who delivers him a message about seeing a vision of his brother, Yemi. When Eko becomes irate, Libby intervenes to make sure everything is okay.

Connections - NikkiPauloBooneShannon
Nikki & Paulo and Boone & Shannon

While sipping champagne in the airport, Nikki and Paulo are greeted by Boone and Shannon who are looking for seats and approach them. Boone asks if he can have the chair that is sitting at their table, Paulo allows him to have it, but Shannon quickly departs off, with Boone in tow.

Post-Island ConnectionsEdit

These are connections between characters that have occurred after their rescue from the island, after the survivors had returned to their individual lives following the hype surrounding the Oceanic Six.

Connections - JackKate
Jack and Kate

After reading an article about the death of an unknown individual, Jack attempts to phone Kate several times. On his final try, he is successful, and requests that he meets her at the airport, where he informs her of the death, and that they were never meant to leave the island.

Mike Walton
Hurley and Ana-Lucia

After being arrested for starting a high-speed chase with the LAPD, Hurley is interrogated by Mike Walton, Ana-Lucia's former partner. Mike reveals this fact to Hurley, however, he denies knowing her.

The Beginning of the End - Jack Shephard
Hurley and Jack

During Hurley's high-speed chase, Jack turns on his television and sees the chase. Jack later visits Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, and the two discuss the possibility of the island wanting them to return.

The Economist - Benjamin Linus
Sayid and Ben

Ben serves as Sayid's employer in which he is a hired assassin, killing individuals on a list one by one. After Sayid is shot by Elsa, he visits Ben to be treated for his wound. Ben advises him to think with gun rather than his heart in order to protect their friends.

Kate and Aaron

After being acquitted of her charges and released on a probationary sentence, Kate returns to her home where it is revealed she is taking care of Aaron Littleton.

Sun and Nikki

Before going into labour, Sun turns off the television in her apartment, which was tuned a specific episode of the program Exposé, which Nikki Fernandez had guest starred on.

Sun and Hurley

After giving birth to Ji Yeon, Sun is visited by Hurley. Hurley inquires as to whether anybody else will be coming, to which Sun says no, much to Hurley's delight. The three then proceed to visit Jin's grave site.

Michael and Tom

Tom leaves the Island and tracks Michael to an alleyway in Manhattan, where Michael is currently trying to kill himself due to feeling guilt over the deaths of Ana-Lucia and Libby and being separated from Walt. When asked for Michael's help, a fight breaks out between the two of them with Tom receiving the upper hand. He tells Michael that the island won't let him commit suicide and gives him the address of his hotel penthouse.

Jack and Aaron

Jack is seen living in a relationship with Kate, also acting as a step-father for his nephew Aaron, showing that Jack changed his mind about not wanting to see the child.

Walt and Hurley

Walt and his grandmother traveled to California to visit Hurley at Santa Rosa. Walt questions Hurley as to why all of the survivors are lying about their rescue.

Sayid and Hurley

Sayid executes a man outside of Santa Rosa who has been spying on Hurley. Sayid informs Hurley that he is going to lead him to somewhere "safe".

Jack and Ben

While Jack is in Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor, he is visited by Ben. The two discuss Jeremy Bentham visiting various survivors. Ben then informs Jack that the island needs Jack to bring everyone back, including Bentham.

Jeremy and the Oceanic Six

John Locke, under the alias of Jeremy Bentham, visits several of the Oceanic Six, as well as Walt Lloyd. After an unspecified amount of time off the island, Jeremy passes away due to unknown causes. His body is taken from the funeral parlor by Ben and Jack.