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Confirmed Dead
Confirmed Dead
Season 4
Episode 2
Air Date February 7, 2008
Writer(s) Drew Goddard
Brian K. Vaughan
Director Stephen Williams
Flashback Daniel Faraday
Miles Straume
Charlotte Lewis
Frank Lapidus
Naomi Dorrit

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Four members of the freighter crew arrive on the island, and the survivors begin to question their intentions. The lives of the new arrivals are revealed, as is the outside world's discovery of Flight 815's wreckage.



The remains of Oceanic Flight 815 are found by the Christiane I in the Sunda Trench. As Daniel Faraday watches this on television, he weeps for an unknown reason.

Miles Straume is a medium. After hearing about 815's wreckage on the radio, he enters a house and calms the spirit of a murdered African-American boy by talking to him, also apparently convincing the ghost to show him the location of a hidden stash of money and drugs. He takes the money but leaves the drugs.

Charlotte Lewis is at an excavation site in Tunisia, and she finds the skeleton of a polar bear in the middle of a desert. Upon being questioned if the skeleton is real, she uncovers a collar (presumably from the polar bear) that bears the symbol of the Hydra DHARMA station.

Frank Lapidus watches on TV as the remains of 815 are excavated. Seeing what is alleged to be the corpse of Seth Norris, the pilot, he calls into the Oceanic Hotline, claiming that the corpse shown is not the pilot, because he does not have a wedding ring, and is very sure of this. He also claims that he was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815.

Finally, Naomi Dorrit is seen speaking to Matthew Abaddon, telling him that the people chosen (Faraday, Straume, Lewis, and Lapidus) are not right for the job. She asks what if there are survivors found from Flight 815, and he tells her there are none. Abaddon tells her not to argue, and just to finish their mission.

On the islandEdit

The helicopter is shaking in violent turbulence, and Daniel is pushed out of the door. He crashes through the canopy and lands. He hears a noise in the trees and pulls out his gun, but when he looks up he is greeted by Jack and Kate running up to him. Kate asks how many were in the chopper, and Daniel says there were four. He says he's lost his phone, but Kate hands him Naomi's. Daniel calls George and explains what happened to the helicopter. George asks if he is on speaker, and Daniel walks away a few feet to talk quietly to him. He turns around, and the gun he has is visible. Kate tells Jack not to worry, and that Naomi covered for them; no one knows how she really died. Jack doesn't seem convinced. Daniel tells them that the position of his other team members will be sent to his satellite phone, and asks for their help to find them. Jack agrees.

John Locke is standing in a meadow in the pouring rain. Hurley asks what he is doing and Locke says the rain is about to stop, and second later, it does. Sawyer asks why they are going east, when the Barracks are south. Locke says that they must make a stop at a cabin. Hurley says that he thought that the cabin was back in the opposite direction. Locke and Ben are both stunned. John asks, "What?" and Hurley quickly backtracks, saying he meant the airplane cabin. Sawyer asks why they are going to some shack, and is told that they're "supposed to." He asks who Locke is getting these orders from, and is surprised by the answer: Walt.

Back on the beach, Sayid and Juliet talk about why Jack is not back yet. He asks Juliet why Ben says that the people coming are to harm them. She says it is either because he is a liar, or because the people are actually going to harm them. She asks how many guns are left. In the jungle, Kate finds some stuff from the chopper. In the box Jack finds hazmat suits and gas masks. He asks what the things are for, and Daniel says he is not in charge of this stuff. Jack asks why Daniel has a gun. Daniel says it is a precaution, and says that rescuing them is not exactly their primary objective. The satellite phones starts to beep and they head off toward the position of Daniel's team member, Miles.

Sawyer wants Locke to explain what he meant by Walt is giving him instructions. John says Walt was there in person, only taller, not just in a dream. He says that Walt said that he must stop Naomi and her team from finding them. Locke also tell about how Ben shot him and left him for dead, but he was saved by Walt. Sawyer remarks that if Ben shot him, then how is Locke walking around? Locke shows the bullet holes, declaring that the bullet went straight through him and that if he still had a kidney on that side, he would be dead right now.

Jack, Kate, and Daniel follow the signal and find a man lying on the rocks next to the ocean. Jack climbs down to him to see if he is alive, but as he pulls off the helmet Miles clambers to his feet, gun in hand. Kate tries to snag the gun from Daniel, but Miles yells at her to back away. Miles asks where Naomi is, and that he knows they killed her. Miles tells Daniel that Naomi used the code. "Tell my sister I love her," means that there is a gun to her head. Miles is still suspicious and asks to be taken to Naomi's body. Kate says that she was killed, but not by them. She then goes on to say that there would be nothing Miles could do to tell what happened to her, and he disagrees. Still with his gun pointed at them, he yet again yells to be taken to Naomi's body.

Ben tells Alex that he has to ask her to do something. Karl interrupts and tells Ben to shut up. Ben replies that if he is going to sleep with his daughter, then to call him Ben. Karl picks up his gun, only to be stopped by Sawyer, who warns him that Ben is just trying to get into his head. As Sawyer drags Ben to his feet, Ben taunts him, saying that in the real world Kate would always choose Jack, and that now that he has left her, he doesn't stand a chance. Sawyer attacks Ben but is stopped by Locke. Sawyer asks why they're keeping Ben alive, and Locke explains that the fact that Ben has been on the island longer than any of them makes him useful. Locke also says that apart from his mouth, Ben is harmless, but Sawyer points out that it wasn't Ben's mouth that shot Locke. Locke asks if they should just execute Ben in front of his daughter. At this point Sawyer relents, but warns that it's only a matter of time before Ben makes his move.

Miles inspects Naomi's dead body. Daniel remarks that the light in the jungle doesn't seem to scatter properly. Kate tells Daniel to put away the gun, but he replies that Miles would kill him. Jack, meanwhile, is looking out into the jungle. Reacting to something he sees, he tells Kate to leave Daniel alone, and winks at her. Miles gets up and declares that Naomi died the way Kate said. Once again the phone starts to beep, this time with Charlotte's position. Miles waves the gun at Jack and Kate and tells them to move, but Jack tells him to put the gun down because their friends are in the jungle with guns aimed at Miles' and Daniel's heads. Miles doesn't believe him, but then shots ring out and Juliet and Sayid step out with guns in their hands. Daniel drops his gun, and eventually Miles does too.

Charlotte comes to hanging from a tree branch above a lake. She pulls her ripcord and lands in the water. She breaks through the surface and looks around in delight. She hears a noise from the treeline on the bank and people walk into view: Locke and his group.

Juliet tells Jack that they tracked them from the cockpit after they didn't come back. Kate says that Jack should have told her they were there, but he says he winked. Juliet and Jack smile at this. Sayid tries to find out more information about the two newcomers. Daniel explains that he is a physicist, but Miles threatens to break his fingers if he says anything else. Sayid asks Miles what he does, but Miles sarcastically replies that he collects soil samples. Sayid asks why they don't seem at all surprised that there are survivors of Oceanic 815 when all of the passengers were supposed to have died, once again Miles sarcastically replies, "Oh my God, you guys were on Oceanic 815! Wow! Is that better?"

Charlotte sits talking to Locke's group. She asks how many survived. Hurley starts to tell her about the two sections of the plane and what happened to them, but Locke stops him. Ben is seen staring at Karl's gun. Locke asks what happened to the helicopter and how many people there were. Charlotte explains they all had to bail out. Locke tells everyone to get ready to leave, but Charlotte insists they must stay where they are so that they can find them using the GPS transmitter fixed onto her gear. Locke then explains that they don't want to be found. Charlotte's signal begins to show up on the satellite phone in Sayid's hand. It is moving quickly, as if running away from something. Everyone runs to intercept the signal and stops in front of a group of bushes, guns in hand. Something comes crashing through, but it's Vincent with the transmitter tied to his collar. Jack simply says, "Locke's got her."

Frank regains consciousness and crawls up a nearby hill. As he reaches the top he comes face to face with a cow, which moos at him and wanders off. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his satellite phone, only to find that it's broken. He reaches into his other pocket, pulls out a flare gun and fires the flare. Locke's group sees it and Charlotte argues that they must go find him. Locke says he's not going anywhere and Charlotte says he can't stop her. Suddenly two bullets hit her in the chest and she falls back - everyone looks around to see a smoking gun in Ben's hand. Sawyer tackles Ben as Locke runs over to Charlotte, who is lying on the ground. She says something incoherent, but Locke eventually realizes she's saying, "Vest." He unzips her jacket to find the two bullets stopped by a bulletproof vest.

Jack, Kate, Miles, Juliet, Sayid, and Daniel find Frank unconscious. He awakens and tells them that lightning struck the helicopter. When someone asks where the chopper crashed, Frank remarks that he's a better pilot than that and he put her down in the valley. Everyone runs over the hill and sees the helicopter standing on the grass. Sayid inspects the helicopter and confirms that it will fly. Miles gets the phone from Jack and calls someone named Regina, asking to talk to Minkowski, but is told he is unavailable. Daniel tries to put Naomi's body in the helicopter but Frank explains that they barely have enough fuel to get back to the freighter, promising to take Naomi on the next run. As Juliet tends to the cut on Frank's head, Frank asks what her name is. She tells him, and he tells Miles that there was no Juliet Burke on the plane - she must be a native. Miles comes charging over shouting, "Where is he?" Jack stops him and Miles reaches into his pocket and pulls out a photo, saying that this is why they're there. The photo is of Ben.

Locke asks if Charlotte's all right. She says she'll be fine but doesn't accept his apology that she got shot, saying it seemed Locke was about to shoot her anyway. Sawyer has Ben pinned up against a tree. Locke admits he was wrong about Ben and tells Rousseau to take Alex away. He cocks the pistol and aims it at Ben's head. Ben tries to talk his way out, saying he has answers. Locke asks him what the monster is, Ben says he doesn't know. Locke simply says, "Goodbye Benjamin," but just before he pulls the trigger Ben shouts out Charlotte's name. He reels off facts about her upbringing and education and names everyone else in her team. He tells Locke he was right to think they were a threat, and that he knows what they're there for. Sawyer asks what they want, and Ben replies, "Me, James. They want me." Locke asks how he knows all this. Ben replies, "Because I've got a man on their boat."

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I don't have the time to babysit a headcase, a ghostbuster, an anthropologist, and a drunk."


"You wanna know why we're here? I'll tell you why we're here! We're here for Benjamin Linus."


"What is the monster? The black smoke, the monster. What is it?"


"...Because I have a man on their boat."


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