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The following is a list of companies and businesses that have appeared on LOST. Click on the corresponding links to learn more about the company, it's employees, and it's history.

The CompaniesEdit

Oceanic 815
Oceanic Airlines

An Australian based airline which flies both domestically and internationally. Was the same airline responsible for Flight 815 which crashed on a mysterious island.

Tustin Box Co
The Tustin Box Company

The Tustin Box Company is a cardboard manufacturer located in Tustin, California and was the employer of John Locke and Randy.

Melbourne Walkabout Travel Agency

A Travel Agency based inside of Melbourne, Australia that offers Authentic Australian Walkabout tours through the Australian outback.

Sabrina Carlyle
Carlyle Wedding Co

Located in Malibu, California; Sabrina Carlyle's Wedding planning business is one of the largest in existence. Boone Carlyle was employed for this company as the C.O.O. of a wedding clothes subsidiary.

Paik Automotive
Paik Heavy Industries

Paik Heavy Industries was an automobile manufacturer in Seoul, South Korea that was owned by Mr. Paik.

Mega Lotto
Mega Lotto Jackpot

Located in California; the Mega Lotto Jackpot Company is a California State Lottery company and was responsible for drawing Hurley's winning numbers which earned him $114 Million

Mr Clucks
Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack

A Restaurant located in Los Angeles, California which specializes in chicken. Was the employer of Hurley, and was eventually destroyed by a meteorite.

Corn Cob Motel
Corn Cob Motel

The Corn Cob Motel was a motel near St. Francis Hospital in Iowa.


The Stadium is located in Los Angeles, and was the location where Penny tracked Desmond down after he had left military prison. It was also the meeting place of Jack and Desmond after he had tripped during his tour de stade.

Apollo Candy Company

The Apollo Candy Company produces the Apollo Candy bar which has appeared several times on the island.

Seoul Gateway Hotel

The Seoul Gateway Hotel is one of the finest hotels in South Korea. It was previously an employer of Jin, and the restaurant that Sun and Jae frequented.

Butties Diapers

Butties Diapers is a diaper company located in Great Britain, the band "Drive Shaft" was once hired to perform in a commercial for this company.


Widmore is a mysterious company which lends it's name to various endeavors. It is located in London, England and run by philanthropist Charles Widmore.

Hyperion Publishing

Hyperion is a publishing company which publishes general-interest fiction and nonfiction books for adults. They are the publisher of Gary Troup's novel Bad Twin.

Welcome Home
Welcome Home

Welcome Home was a Professional Home Inspection company that operated out of Los Angeles that was owned by John Locke.

LA Team Realtors

The LA Team Realtors are a company which sells homes in the Los Angeles area. They were the company that Nadia purchased her house from.

Flightline Motel
Flightline Motel

The Flightline Motel was a motel near the airport in Los Angeles, and was the meeting place of Locke and his father.

Pan Pacific Airlines

Pan Pacific Airlines is an airline with a terminal in the Los Angeles Airport which has flights around the Pacific.

Dina's Coffee Shop

Dina's Coffee Shop was the coffee shop where Desmond and Libby met.

The Lynford Hotel

The Lynford Hotel is the location where Christian Shephard attended his A.A. meetings, and was also the scene of a tense argument between him and his son.

MittelOs BioScience
Mittelos BioScience

Mittelos BioScience is a privately-funded science research team which attempted to recruit Juliet.

Gannon Car Rentals

Gannon Car Rentals is a car rental agency which makes appearances on advertisement on the back of Oceanic Airlines tickets.

Herarat Aviation
Herarat Aviation

Herarat was a small American airline. Juliet Burke met with Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom at a small, out of the way airport run by Herarat when she left Miami to go to her undisclosed destination after accepting a position with Mittelos BioScience.

Moriah Vineyards
Moriah Vineyards

Moriah Vineyards is a wine that was produced by a monastery that Desmond served at. The monastery only produces 108 cases a year.

Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor

Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor was where Jack went for a viewing of an unknown person, after reading an article in the newspaper.