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Colleen Pickett
Name Colleen Pickett
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Spouse Danny Pickett
Episode(s) The Glass Ballerina, Every Man for Himself, The Cost of Living
Played By Paula Malcolmson

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Colleen Pickett was a member of the group known as The Others and the wife of Danny Pickett. When Sayid discovered that the Village that Michael had described was fake and formulated a plan to attack the Others, Colleen reported the situation to Ben. Ben ordered her to get a team together to go after Sayid, Jin, and Sun, specifically stating that he wanted their boat. Colleen and her team, which included Tom, Matthew, and Ivan, took The Galaga out to The Elizabeth and snuck onto the boat while Sayid and Jin lay in wait on the shore. Colleen was confronted and shot by Sun. Later, despite the efforts of both Jack and Juliet, she died from her wounds, due to the poor maintenance of the medical equipment. That night, Colleen's body was placed on a floating funeral pyre that was then lit on fire and set to drift off to sea after a solemn funeral service.

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