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Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Ajira Airways co-pilot
Episode(s) Namaste
Played By Dan Gauthier

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The co-pilot was a pilot employed by Ajira Airways, and was the co-pilot on Ajira Airways Flight 316. Along with Frank Lapidus, the main pilot, the co-pilot was to navigate the flight from Los Angeles to Guam. Immediately after boarding the plane, the co-pilot remarked to Lapidus that he recognized one of the passengers as a member of the Oceanic Six, and commented on how unbelievable it is that a person like that would ever attempt flying in an airplane again. Some time during the flight, the plane began to experience heavy turbulence, which forced the co-pilot to take the plane out of auto-pilot mode. Due to the stresses from the turbulence, Lapidus was forced to make an emergency landing on Hydra island, and made use of the runway already constructed. However, upon landing, Lapidus discovered that the co-pilot had been impaled through the chest by a tree branch, and had been killed. (Namaste)