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Clifford Widmore
Name Clifford Widmore
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation CEO of the Widmore Corporation
Father Arthur Widmore
Mother Mrs. Widmore
Spouse Shannon Widmore
Sibling Alexander Widmore
Appears In Bad Twin

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Clifford Widmore is a character in Gary Troup's novel "Bad Twin". Working right below his father, Arthur Widmore, on the corporate ladder of the Widmore Corporation, Clifford is the current acting CEO. Clifford was born on August 16, and has a twin brother named Alexander, who was born 23 minutes before him on August 15. Clifford previously had a wife named Shannon who may have committed suicide with pills, or may be been possibly murdered.

When Clifford's brother went missing for 4 months, he hired a private investigator named Paul Artisan to find him.