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Clementine Phillips
Name Clementine Phillips
Gender Female
Country Albuquerque, NM, USA
Father James Ford
Mother Cassidy Phillips
Episode(s) Every Man for Himself, Whatever Happened, Happened
Played By Olivia Vickery (older)

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Cassidy claimed that Clementine is the daughter of Sawyer and Cassidy. After Sawyer conned Cassidy, he was placed in prison. During a visit from Cassidy, she claims that they had conceived a child together, and Cassidy named her Clementine. Although Sawyer initially denied being her father, he eventually set up a secret trust fund for his daughter.

Season FiveEdit

When Kate arrives at Cassidy's house a much older Clementine answered the door and refers to Kate as "Aunty Kate". (Whatever Happened, Happened)