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Name Claudia
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Child Jacob and The Man in Black
Introduced In Across the Sea
Appears In Across the Sea
Played By Lela Loren

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Claudia was the biological mother of Jacob and The Man in Black.

On IslandEdit

Claudia was apparently shipwrecked, washing up on the shore of the island during an unspecified era, but presumably thousands of years (est. 2000 years) prior to the events depicted in the main story arc of the series. It is presumed that she washed ashore during the rise of the Roman Empire because of her name, and because she's wearing a Roman Stola which was the typical garb for married civilian women in Rome between 200 B.C.E and 200 C.E.

As she washed ashore during the events shown in the episode "Across the Sea", she is quite pregnant. Soon after landing, she met an island woman who helped tend her injuries and answered several of her questions. The woman prevented Claudia from searching for survivors of her wreck, indicating that if there were any survivors, she would find them.

Claudia went into labor, with the island woman serving as her mid-wife. She gave birth to a boy, which she immediately named Jacob. Moments later, she realized that there was another baby and delivered a second son. Not knowing that she was carrying twins, she had only selected a single name. Before she got to see her second son, the island woman murdered Claudia by striking her in the head with a large rock.

Post MortemEdit

Claudia appeared to her second son when he was 13 years old. She took her son to a village where other inhabitants of the island lived and worked, presumably from the same ship Claudia was on. Claudia informed her son that he was also from across the sea, and that his mother had been lying to him, and in fact she was his real mother and his adoptive mother had killed her years before. The boy's adoptive mother admitted to this when confronted.

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