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Claire Littleton
Name Claire Littleton
Gender Female
Country Australia
Occupation Tattoo and Piercing Artist
Fast Food Employee at "Fish N' Fry"
Family Father - Christian Shephard
Mother - Carole Littleton
Aunt - Lindsey Littleton
Son - Aaron Littleton
Brother - Jack Shephard (Half)
Stepmother - Margo Shephard
Flashback(s) Raised By Another, Maternity Leave, Par Avion
Played By Emilie de Ravin

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Claire Littleton was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after a long ordeal with a psychic convinced her to put her baby up for adoption to a couple in Los Angeles. Claire was formerly employed as a tattoo and piercing artist, and later by a fast food restaurant. She was previously dating an artist named Thomas, and the two conceived a child together.

Life Before Flight 815

Claire was a teenager when she was involved in a car accident. Her mother became vegetative, and Claire blamed herself for this. Sometime soon after the crash, Christian Shephard showed up at the hospital where her mother was being helped, claiming he was Claire's father, and that he'd been paying for the medical bills. Later, Claire was maintaining her job at a tattoo parlor when Christian showed up again, taking her out to coffee. He suggested she let her mother die in order to take her out of her pain. Claire, however, did not listen to him and he disappeared from her life without her ever learning his name.

After realizing she was 6 weeks late, Claire and her boyfriend, Thomas, took a pregnancy test and it was revealed that the two had conceived a child. As the two ponder their dilemma, Thomas suggests that they go through with trying to start a family. When Claire’s friend Rachel convinced her to visit a psychic named Richard Malkin to have some fun, she received a haunted look from him and finally he refused to proceed with the reading for her.

Thomas eventually left Claire claiming he was not ready to be a father and could not handle the responsibility. Claire visited Mr. Malkin in the hopes of obtaining some guidance as to exactly what it was she was supposed to do. He informed her that danger surrounded her child, and that she was to raise the child by her lonesome as her “goodness” was to be an influence in the development of the child.

Over the next few months, Mr. Malkin would proceed to call her in the middle of the night pleading with her to consider hearing his plan. Frightened and confused, Claire visited an adoption agency and prepared to place her child in the care of Arlene and Joseph Stewart, however when she attempted to sign the release forms two of the pens she tried to use did not function. She opted to visit Mr. Malkin once more and hear what his plan exactly entailed. He informed her that there was a good couple in Los Angeles who would serve as suitable parents for the child and he booked her on Oceanic Flight 815; certain it would crash which when it did it forced her to be the primary caregiver to the child.

While boarding Oceanic Flight 815, Arzt helped her put her bags up into the upper compartments. The flight would eventually crash after splitting apart in mid-flight.

On-Island Life

Season One

Claire is ignored and avoided by the other survivors after the crash. Claire claims it's because she's a ticking time bomb of responsibility. With the exception of Jack, who checks her physical condition, only Charlie approaches Claire frequently, and they become friends. She and Charlie are kidnapped by Ethan Rom. Charlie is found first, soon after the abduction, and Claire wanders back to the castaways two weeks later, still pregnant but with no memory of anything after the crash.

In Maternity Leave, we see in flashbacks what happens to Claire after she was kidnapped by Ethan. Claire is taken to a medical Dharma station, where she is given medication for the baby. She is often in a drugged state of mind. Ethan tells her that they are going to take the baby and return Claire to camp. She begins to trust Ethan with the decision to keep the baby. Ethan shows her the room where the baby will sleep once born, which contains various baby furniture. Among the furniture is the same Oceanic Airlines carousel she saw in her dream in Raised By Another that plays "Catch A Falling Star", which is the same song she requested the adoptive parents in Sydney play for the child. Then, when Claire is sleeping, she awakes to see a young girl, who tells her that they are going to cut the baby out of her and kill her. Claire panics and the girl uses chloroform on her. She wakes up in the jungle and sees Rousseau. Rousseau knocks her unconscious so the "Others" cannot find her, and then takes her back to camp.

She gives birth to a boy, Aaron. Kate has to deliver the baby because Jack is in the midst of trying to save Boone's life. Following the birth Claire has trouble trusting others with Aaron. Nonetheless, Charlie continues to remain ever-present, helping Claire with Aaron when she needs it. Claire wears a necklace with the Chinese character 愛 ("ai"), which means "love".

Season Two

When Mr. Eko, a tail-section survivor, learns of her son's name, he notes that the Biblical Aaron was the brother of Moses. He asks her why she named her son Aaron and she replies that she simply liked the name. When Eko sees some Virgin Mary statues that Charlie had been keeping, he reveals to Claire that it contains heroin. Soon after, Claire confronts Charlie about the drugs, saying that she remembers something about him being a drug addict. Claire asks Charlie to stay away from her and Aaron. Charlie believes that Aaron must be baptized and steals the baby. This causes Claire to trust him even less, but she asks Eko to baptize her and Aaron. She does not interact with Charlie much anymore, but is often seen with Locke who helps her with the baby.

When Aaron falls suddenly ill, Claire asks Libby (a clinical psychologist) to help her remember what happened to her when she was taken by Ethan. Claire begins to have frightening flashbacks of what happened to her. She sets off with Kate and finds the place she was taken to, a medical Dharma station. Afterward, she learns that the girl that saved her might have been Alexandra, Rousseau's daughter, who was abducted by the others at a young age.

Recently, Charlie brought Claire a case of vaccines and a pneumatic injector for her and her baby. At the funeral of Libby and Ana-Lucia, she clasps Charlie's hand, perhaps signifying a reconciliation between them. This is confirmed and furthered when she kisses Charlie at the end of "Live Together, Die Alone".

Season Three

When a mute Locke returns to camp the next day, Claire tells Charlie to find out where he's been. However, when he and Locke return later with a severely injured Eko, Claire is sent to get some towels to clean up the bloody mess. Later that day, Desmond approaches her and unsuccessfully convinces her to leave her shelter for the day. However, lightning strikes and, thanks to Desmond's lightning rod, it misses her shelter entirely, saving her, Aaron and Charlie.

The next day, Claire decides to go for a swim, and leaves Aaron in the care of Sun. Unfortunately, Claire is unexpectedly pulled under by the current and drifts out to sea. She is saved, however, when Desmond comes to the rescue, and revives her ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"). She approaches him later to thank him, unaware of his clairvoyant ability.

In "Par Avion", Claire notices a glint coming from a flock of seagulls and realizes that one must have a tracking bracelet, which scientists use to study migration. She comes up with a plan to capture the bird and tie a note to it telling about the fate of Oceanic Flight 815. Charlie, who had always been supportive of Claire, denounces the plan and does not take part in it, which upsets Claire deeply. Even more strange, Desmond seems to purposely ruin Claire's attempts at capturing the seagull (by "hunting" near the site where Claire, Sun, and Jin are about to drop the net on the birds). She decides to follow Desmond for answers since he seems tied to Charlie's change in attitude. He wanders off to a rocky shore and manages to easily capture the seagull himself. He reveals to Claire his clairvoyant ability and explains that Charlie is going to die. If Charlie had helped catch the seagull, he would have slipped on the sand and been hurt by the sharp rocks nearby. Desmond keeps warning Charlie away from the activities that could lead to his death, preferring to do things himself in order to keep Charlie alive. Claire later promises Charlie that he will not die. She ties a note to the seagull's tracking bracelet that explains the survivors' plight, asks Charlie his opinion of the letter, and releases it. Later in "Exposé", Claire attends Nikki and Paulo's funeral and burial. No one realizes that they are both just paralyzed.

That night, in "Left Behind", Claire is visited by Sawyer and, after an awkward conversation, is given a blanket as a kind gesture. She is again visited by Sawyer the next day, who converses more. Claire allows him to hold Aaron. In the episode "One Of Us" Claire doesen't hear Aaron crying so Charlie sees to him, Claire felt sick for the whole day and while Jack is arguing with everyone about Juliet Claire starts coughing out blood. Juliet tells Jack and Kate that she can help Claire because when Claire was kidnapped Juliet was the one who saved her from dying as every other pregnant woman on the island had died that was until Claire. Juliet later gets medicine from Ethan's stash and Claire is cured, however it was set to happen by Ben and Juliet and how they planned to make it happen so Jack and the other castaways would trust her.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Naomi explains the camp's situation from her perspective. Claire and Sun show outrage that the world has presumed them dead. However, when Sawyer plays the recorder, Jack and Juliet arrive to offer an explanation.

Jack and Juliet lead Claire and the others into the jungle, and reveal their plan to rid them of the Others permanently. Claire is shocked to learn that Charlie has accepted a dangerous mission, but he assures her that he will be fine. He then tells Aaron he loves him before leaving with Desmond. She walks with Hurley to the radio tower, along with the rest of the camp ("Greatest Hits"). That night, they witness Sayid's plan to detonate the dynamite, but after the plan backfires, they press on regardless. They eventually arrive at the radio tower, where Naomi tells Claire that Charlie has successfully unblocked the signal, unaware of his death. She witnesses her murder and Jack making contact with her ship ("Through the Looking Glass").

Season Four

In ("The Other Woman") Claire asks Locke if she can talk to Miles, and thinks that he may be less threatened By her instead of Locke. Locke thinks this is a bad idea and refuses to let Claire speak with him.

In ("The Shape of Things to Come") the mercenaries have arrived at "The Others" camp with the intent of finding Ben and killing the rest. With Locke, Ben, Hurley (with the baby) and Sawyer taking cover in Ben’s house, Sawyer decides to try and save the rest of the survivors, especially Claire . Just as Sawyer is about to get to Claire’s house one of the mercenaries launches a bomb at it and the house explodes. Sawyer runs into the house to find Claire semi-conscious. Sawyer gets her back to Ben’s house. When Ben releases the monster on the mercenaries the group head to the forest in the other direction, here Sawyer to heads back to the beach which Claire with Aaron and Miles agree to go with him.

While on the trip back to the beach Sawyer gives Miles a "restraining order" to keep him away from Claire. On their way, Miles discovers the partially-buried bodies of Danielle Rousseau and Karl and encounter Frank Lapidus who saves their lives by instructing them to hide from a nearby Martin Keamy and the other mercenaries, who are on their way back to the helicopter to return to the freighter Kahana. They decide to set up camp as it becomes night. While Sawyer is asleep Miles watches Claire as she leaves with her deceased father Christian. Sawyer awakes the next morning to find Aaron alone in a nearby tree and calls out for Claire with no response. ("Something Nice Back Home").

As Locke, Ben and Hurley arrive at the Cabin Locke decides to head in to speak to Jacob. When he is inside, he is greeted by Christian, and is told what needs to be done. Christian is not alone, however, as his biological daughter Claire is there as well. Claire tells Locke that she is safe with Christian. Christian tells Locke that he is not to say to any one that he has seen Claire in the cabin. ("Cabin Fever")

Claire is later seen appearing to Kate in a dream after the Oceanic 6 leave the Island. She appears in Aaron's room, holding her child's hand, and warns Kate not to bring her son back to the island ("There's No Place Like Home").

Season Six

Claire was shown to be alive in season 6 in both timelines. Dogen declares to Jack that a darkness had taken over her in the reality where they were still on the island. She is also discovered by Jin, when she shoots the two others when they are returning back to the Temple.

Claire was also discovered in a cab at the airport when Kate jumped in trying to outrun the marshal in the "flash-sideways" timeline. They do not seem to know each other either and Claire is still pregnant, as it is 2004. Kate hijacks the cab and orders Claire to leave the vehicle without her possessions. Kate later returns to Claire to return her luggage and offer her a ride to wherever Claire was going.

When Claire arrives at the location of the people who were going to adopt the baby, they refuse suddenly and Claire goes into labor. Kate takes Claire to the hospital where Ethan Goodspeed (Ethan Rom) is the doctor that takes care of Claire. Claire elects not to have her baby tonight and wait. During a tense moment in the hospital where Ethan loses the heartbeat, Claire cries for her baby and calls him Aaron. Ethan announces that Aaron is completely healthy, and had just shifted in the womb.

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