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Christian Shephard
Name Christian Shephard
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital
Family Son - Jack Shephard
Daughter - Claire Littleton
Wife - Margo Shephard
Ex-Lover - Carole Littleton
Grandson - Aaron Littleton
Episode(s) Walkabout, White Rabbit, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Outlaws, Do No Harm, Man of Science, Man of Faith, The Hunting Party, Two for the Road, A Tale of Two Cities, Par Avion, The Beginning of the End, Something Nice Back Home, Cabin Fever, This Place Is Death, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Played By John Terry

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Dr. Christian Shephard was the father of Jack Shephard and Claire Littleton. Christian passed away due to a heart attack before Jack and Claire boarded Oceanic Flight 815. Since then; he has been seen on the island by Jack through hallucinations, and seen by Locke acting as an intermediary for Jacob.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Christian worked as the chief of surgery at St. Sebastian Hospital, and was a recovering alcoholic. He married Margo, much to his father's disapproval, and later the two had their first child, Jack. When Jack came home following a bullying incident, Christian discouraged Jack for trying to be heroic, saying that his success as a surgeon came from the fact that he accepted that he couldn't save everyone. Much later, Christian met Carole Littleton, who had traveled from Sydney, Australia. The two had a brief relationship before she returned to her home country, and later she gave birth to Christian's daughter, Claire. Christian would often fly over to visit, supporting the two the best he could, but Carole and her sister, Lindsey, did not approve of his juggling time between two families; eventually, Christian was no longer allowed to visit. (White Rabbit) / (Par Avion)

Christian would often prompt Jack to try and give more positive news when dealing with patients, most notably when Sarah was brought in with severe injuries to her spine; he stated that "false hope is still hope." (Man of Science, Man of Faith)

Later, Christian attends the wedding of Jack and Sarah; prior to the ceremony, Christian gives Jack a watch that had been given to him by his father, stating that he never wore it. (Do No Harm) / (The Watch)

Upon learning of Carole's accident, Christian travels to Australia and pays for the medical treatment to keep her alive. Whilst at the hospital, he introduces himself to Claire for the first time, much to Lindsey's resentment. Christian takes Claire out for coffee and tells her of his other family. Claire does not react too well and walks out on him, not knowing his name. (Par Avion)

Returning to Los Angeles, Christian and Jack were approached by an elderly man who had traveled from Italy to seek treatment on a tumor. Christian tried to discourage Jack from operating, but was unsuccessful; the man died during surgery of heart failure. (The Hunting Party)

Christian learns of Jack and Sarah's divorce, and scolds Jack for stealing her cell phone bill and calling every number. Jack later sees Christian receiving a call from Sarah, assuming he is the man Sarah is now seeing, and confronts him at an AA meeting. After being assaulted, Christian slips back into drinking heavily, ironic after it was revealed he had been sober for fifty days. He calls Sarah and asks her to bail Jack out of jail. (A Tale of Two Cities)

Later, Christian operates on a woman whilst under the influence, and is relieved by Jack. After she dies, Christian makes Jack sign a report stating she was beyond medical help. When it was revealed that the woman was pregnant, Christian tries to cover up his mistakes, but is exposed by Jack, shattering his career. (All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

At an airport bar, Christian meets Ana-Lucia. The two talk and agree to travel to Australia together under different aliases; Ana Lucia named him "Tom," and Christian called her "Sarah". Once in Australia, Christian asked Ana Lucia to serve as his bodyguard. The two drive to Lindsey's house, where he angrily demands to see his daughter. After almost becoming violent, Christian is restrained and driven away. He is dropped off outside a bar, where he meets Sawyer. The two drink together, when Christian admits his mistakes, and that he isn't able to call his son and apologize. (Two for the Road) / (Outlaws)

Christian later suffers a severe heart attack and dies in an alley. His body is discovered and placed in a morgue, where he is later identified by Jack. A funeral service is arranged back in LA. Jack has trouble clearing Christian's coffin onto the plane, however it is eventually allowed onto Flight 815. (White Rabbit)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season One (Days 1-44)Edit

Vincent is seen just after the crash wandering around in the jungle and he stumbles upon Christian who tells him to go and wake up Jack who is unconscious in a bunch of bamboo and tell him he has work to do. (So It Begins)

Jack begins hallucinating and sees Christian. He leads Jack to the caves, where his coffin is discovered; however, Christian's corpse was nowhere to be found. (White Rabbit)This apparition was later revealed to be The Man in Black impersonating Christian.

Season Four (Days 91-100)Edit

Months later when Hurley stumbles upon Jacob's cabin in the jungle he peeps inside through the window and notices Christian swinging back and forth on a rocking chair. Another person inside the cabin peeps through the window at Hurley scaring him and causing him to run away. (The Beginning of the End)

Christian again appears on the island when Claire wakes up one night while returning to the beach with Miles and Sawyer to see Christian rocking his grandson, Aaron. Claire recognizes him as her father, and he then leads her into the jungle, towards Jacob's cabin. In the morning, Claire still hasn't returned and Sawyer finds Aaron lying on a tree stump with Claire and Christian nowhere to be found. (Something Nice Back Home)

Locke encounters Christian acting as an intermediary for Jacob in his cabin. However... you find out later, when the Man In Black/Locke talks to Jin and Claire, that he was the one posing as Christian- not Jacob. He tells Locke that the people from the freighter are already on their way back to the island and the only way to keep it safe is to have the island moved. Claire is also present, but Christian tells Locke to keep her whereabouts to himself. (Cabin Fever)

Christian appears to Michael just before the C-4 on the freighter explodes, saying "You can go now Michael". The bomb on the freighter then explodes and Michael is killed. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 2)

After the IslandEdit

After leaving the island, Jack visits an institutionalized Hurley who tells him that he'll soon be visited by somebody important. It turns out that the "somebody" is Christian Shephard who appears to Jack late one night in the lobby of his hospital. Due to the sudden fright, Jack has a fellow doctor prescribe him medication to deal with the "hallucinations". (Something Nice Back Home)

After being rescued from the Island, Jack is asked how much he had to drink. He tells the doctor questioning him; "I'll tell you what. You get my father down here, get him down here right now, and if I'm drunker than he is, you can fire me". Earlier, Jack is seen in a pharmacy, where he tries to get medicine from a prescription written out by his father. (Through the Looking Glass)