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Charlotte Lewis
Name Charlotte Lewis
Gender Female
Country Essex, England
Occupation Cultural Anthropologist
Family Father - David Lewis
Mother - Jeanette Lewis
Flashback(s) Confirmed Dead
Played By Rebecca Mader

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Charlotte Lewis is a member of the Kahana search team. She was recruited by Matthew Abaddon to join a team along with Daniel, Frank and Miles, led by Naomi, to arrive at the island in search of Benjamin Linus.


Charlotte has two sisters and was born in Essex. She grew up in Bromsgrove, England with her parents, David and Jeanette. She went to University of Kent for her undergraduate degree and earned a doctoral degree in cultural anthropology from Oxford University.

While in Tunisia, Charlotte goes to an excavation site of what she discovers to be polar bear remains. She uncovers a collar on the bones, which bears the Hydra logo from the DHARMA Initiative. Later, it is revealed Matthew Abbadon has selected Charlotte, along with Miles, Faraday, and Lapidus, to work on her mission, which takes her to the island. (Confirmed Dead)

On-Island Life

Season Four (Days 91-100)

Charlotte first arrives on the island on December 23, 2004 after the crash survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 contact her and her crew on the freighter. After crash landing in a tree, she detaches herself and lands in a small lake. She encounters Locke and other survivors shortly after. The survivors remove her tracking device so that they can not be found by other people from the freighter. They place the tracker on Vincent and make him run so Jack will never find them. She maintains that she is there to rescue them, however Locke does not believe her. Charlotte later spots a flare that she says belongs to a member of her team. When no one wants to investigate, Charlotte becomes impatient and begins to go off on her own, leading Ben to shoot her, but she is wearing a bullet proof vest and survives. Ben then reveals detailed personal information about her and says that her team has come to find him and that he has a man on their boat. (Confirmed Dead)

The group head for Jacob's cabin, but cannot find it. Locke then leads them to the Barracks, where they encounter Kate, Sayid, and Miles. Sayid arranges for Miles to take Charlotte's place as Locke's hostage for passage on Frank's helicopter. When offered to go back to the freighter, Charlotte elects to remain on the island. (The Economist)

Jack and Juliet escort Charlotte and Daniel back to the campsite along the beach. That night, she tests Daniels memory with playing cards. He guesses 2 out of 3 cards, which Charlotte says is "progress". Jack and Juliet then force her to call the freighter on an emergency line when they cannot get though and learn from Regina that the helicopter with Sayid, Desmond, and Frank never arrived. (Eggtown)

Later that night, Charlotte and Daniel sneak off on a long trek to the Tempest, where they work to neutralize a potential source of poison gas. In the midst of their trek, Kate stumbles across their position and begins to ask questions suspiciously. With little time and difficulty to explain the situation, Charlotte is given no choice but to pistol whip Kate and knock her unconcious. They leave her in the jungle and continue towards the Tempest. Whilst Daniel is attempting to render the gas inert, Juliet confronts him and is abruptly tackled to the floor by Charlotte. Juliet manages to get the upper-hand and holds Charlotte at gunpoint. She asks Charlotte to order Daniel to stop whatever it is he's doing, but Charlotte tries to assure Juliet that they're tryng to render the gas useless so that it can't be used by Ben. Juliet complies and lets Daniel finish his objective. When Jack and Kate finally arrive at the Tempest, Charlotte apologizes to Kate and Juliet backs her actions. (The Other Woman)

Daniel and Charlotte go to the medical station to get supplies for Jack's operation. While there, Jin figures out that Charlotte understands Korean. Later, he confronts her, saying he is going to hurt Daniel if she continues to lie. In Korean she asks what he wants. He says he wants her to make sure that Sun gets on the helicopter. (Something Nice Back Home)

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