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Charlie Hieronymus Pace
Name Charlie Hieronymus Pace
Gender Male
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Occupation Former Bass Guitarist of "Drive Shaft"
Family Father - Simon Pace
Mother - Megan Pace
Brother - Liam Pace
Sister-In-Law - Karen Pace
Niece - Megan Pace
Great Grandfather - Dexter Stratton
Flashback(s) The Moth, Homecoming, Fire + Water, Greatest Hits
Played By Dominic Monaghan (adult)
Jeremy Shada (child)

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Charlie Pace was previously in the one hit wonder band "Drive SHAFT", which he had formed with his brother Liam. After arguments about royalties and the pursuit of drugs, the band parted ways. Charlie was aboard Flight 815 after trying to convince Liam to reform the band.

Life Before Flight 815

Charlie was the younger of two siblings, having an older brother, Liam. As a child, music was a heavy influence on his life, and his mother bought him a piano for Christmas one year. (Fire + Water) Charlie also learned to swim from a young age; though he was reluctant to enter the water at first, he eventually jumped in with a little coaxing from his father. (Greatest Hits)

As a young adult, Charlie would often take to busking, most notably performing "Wonderwall." It is on one such occasion that he is passed by Desmond. (Flashes Before Your Eyes) On one particular day, as Charlie was walking home, he witnessed a mugging attempt. After intervening, the woman, Nadia, thanked him and declared him an hero. (Greatest Hits) Later, Charlie and Liam formed the band, DriveSHAFT, with Charlie playing bass. At first, the band failed to hit it off, but eventually Liam confronts Charlie with the good news that they have landed a record deal. They released a single, "You All, Everybody," which became the band's most renowned song. Charlies' confrontations with Liam, concerning the band, were the catalyst for his heroin abuse. (The Moth)

During their second tour of Finland, Liam gave Charlie his ring, a family heirloom handed down to every first-born. At first; Charlie refuses to take it, but reluctantly agrees to keep hold of it. (Greatest Hits) While touring, Charlie scolded Liam for his controlling behavior and for being self-destructive with his heroin addiction, and told him to cancel the rest of the tour. Liam, who had previously told Charlie that he was the most important person in the band, bitterly responded by snapping that "he" was the band and that no one knew who the bassist was. Sinking into a state of depression, Charlie resorted to Liam's heroin stash, becoming addicted himself. (The Moth) After the birth of his niece, Charlie visited the new baby Megan (named after Charlie and Liam's mother), but Liam remained at home. Eventually the band's fame began to fade, and they resorted to appearing in a diaper commercial. However, after Liam's behavior got them fired, Charlie began working on a new comeback song. Charlie came back to his apartment and was shocked to learn that Liam had sold his piano in order to enroll in a rehab clinic in Sydney. (Fire + Water)

With Liam and the band gone, Charlie resorted to theft to support his heroin addiction. He charmed a wealthy woman, Lucy, in order to rob her, but soon developed feelings for her, and decided to work for her father instead. However, his plan fell through, and Lucy left him upon learning of his original intentions. (Homecoming) Later, Charlie learned of an opportunity for DriveSHAFT to embark on an eight-week tour, supporting another band, and traveled to Sydney. He begged Liam to rejoin the band, but walked away when Liam declined. (The Moth) On the morning of the flight, Charlie woke up in bed at a hotel with another woman and frantically searched for his heroin stash; after a struggle, he managed to walk away with it. He made his way to the airport after being temporarily hindered by Hurley. (Exodus - Part 2)

Once on board the plane, Charlie started suffering from withdrawal symptoms, attracting the unwanted attention of the stewards. Charlie raced to the front of the plane, pushing past Jack, Rose, Boone and Shannon, and hid in the forward restroom in order to avoid being caught. Just as he attempted to flush his stash, the plane hit heavy turbulence, and Charlie took cover in an empty nearby seat. (Pilot - Part 2)

On-Island Life

Season One (Days 1-44)

Discovering the Island

Charlie crashes on the beach with the fuselage survivors, even though he was probably pretty close to the cockpit and front toilets where he tried to dump his heroin. While wandering around disoriented on the beach he is nearly hit and killed by a burning piece of "plane stuff" after another explosion. (Pilot - Part 1) After first advising him about the dangers of smoking near a burning wreckage, he borrows a cigarette from Sawyer. (Scene 1 - Smoking) Around sunset Sayid asks Charlie to help with the signal fire. They later sit by the fire and while Charlie writes the word FATE on tape around his left-hand fingers, they begin to wonder while no one has come to rescue them yet.(Pilot - Part 1) Later that night, Charlie begins bonding with the pregnant Claire, moments before the "Monster" makes its first "terrific" appearance in the jungle behind the beach. (Greatest Hits)

On the second day, he follows Jack and Kate into the jungle to find the cockpit. While they go there to find the transceiver, he goes to retrieve his heroin stash from the toilet. (Pilot - Part 1) He later lies to Kate about that and says he was puking in the toilet. Charlie, Jack and Kate have another close encounter with the "Monster", that he calls something with a "gargantuan" quality. (Pilot - Part 2) Later that day after he relieves himself from the withdrawal symptoms with some heroin Charlie joins the "signal party", Sayid, Kate, Shannon, Boon and even Sawyer, on a hike to get to higher ground for better reception with the transceiver. Where they are attacked by a polar bear and first hear the French woman's transmission. (Pilot - Part 2)


Charlie attempts to seek attention from a number of the survivors. Kate is the first to recognize him on the way to the cockpit. She knows his band and while she says that his band was good Charlie insists, that they still are good. Jack does not even know the band. (Pilot - Part 1) He also makes his move on Shannon, but to no avail (Pilot - Part 2), she just needs him to catch a fish after she nearly catches him with the heroin.(Walkabout) He even tells Locke about having used tribal flutes once with the band, when they meet and Locke is making a dog whistle out of a bamboo stick. (Tabula Rasa) John confesses he actually owns both "Drive Shaft" albums and thinks that their self titled debut album was much stronger than "Oil Change". (House of the Rising Sun)

Charlie spends a lot of time with Claire. He brings her water, is concerned about protection from the sun and helps her collect luggage from the beach with a wheelchair. He seems to feel very protective of her and tries to make her feel less alone on the island. That day he changes the writing on his taped fingers to LATE. (Tabula Rasa)

Beach Life

Charlie wakes up and sees someone out in the sea getting sucked out into the ocean by the current. He alarms Jack, because he "does not swim". Boone had already gone out to get Joanna, but he failed and so did Jack later—there are now 46 survivors on the beach. Then Charlie and Hurley discover, that there are only 18 bottles of water left and they put them in Jack's tent. When Claire collapses because of dehydration that water is gone. While the camp is looking for water and Jack is off following the visions of his father in the jungle the whole night, Charlie looks after Claire, the "time bomb of responsibility, waiting to go off". (White Rabbit)

He heads out with Jack and Kate whom he interrupts "verbally copulating" and Locke the "great white hunter", to get water the caves with the spring, that Jack discovered the night before. Jack tells Charlie to look out for any medical supplies, drugs in particular. Charlie is about to take some heroin, when he accidentally steps on a bee hive. It is then that Locke discovers Charlie's addiction and confiscates his stash in exchange for Charlie's guitar. Also, Charlie makes a stupid joke about Kate and bees in her shirt. (House of the Rising Sun)

Cave Life

Charlie suffers from withdrawal symptoms and begs Locke for his stash back. He really does not feel well and he feels left out and useless while some of the others move into the caves. Then he snaps and starts screaming at Jack inside the cave, when it suddenly collapses. He feels responsible and gets people to help from the beach. Charlie himself goes to Locke again for his stash, who tells him about the moth and that if he comes a third time he will get back the heroin. Charlie finally mans up and risks his life to save Jack who notices the withdrawal symptoms. A moth leads them out of the collapsed cave. Later that night Charlie receives his heroin back; he drops it in the camp-fire. (The Moth)

He continues to bond with Claire and bets for moving to the caves that he can get her peanut butter. His first stop is Hurly, who is actually down a notch on his belt. In the end he charms her into coming with him with a jar of imaginary extra smooth.(Confidence Man) Everybody starts getting bored and one night Locke shows up with Ethan and some luggage he claims they found in the jungle. In it Hurly finds a red shirt and probably gold clubs, so he lays out a golf course and invites Charlie, Michael and Jack to play.(Solitary)

The Abduction

Claire has a bad dream about her baby. Charlie notes in his "diary", that he is still on the bloody island and that he swallowed a bug. He tries to talk to Claire, be a friend, but she keeps her distance. The next night she is attacked and he still tries to make her feel safe. As Jack tries to give Claire a mild sedative to make her sleep better, she feels patronized and misunderstood and storms out of the cave. Charlie runs after her. Somewhere in the jungle she gets contractions. He panics a little and spills the beans about being a druggy. As he runs back to the caves to get Jack he meets Ethan, tells him what happens and to get Jack. Back with Claire she tells Charlie all about the psychic that told her that she must take Oceanic flight 815. (Raised By Another)

Claire and Charlie are both kidnapped by Ethan. Locke, Boone, Kate and Jack try to follow their trail. They find Charlies finger-tape with the letter "L" and then "A", but there is another trail, so they split up. Jack and Kate follow the letters. Jack is attacked by Ethan, but they continue their search. After they find the "T" they also discover Charlie hanging from a tree, he is unconscious. Jack performs desperate CPR until Charlie wakes up in a catatonic state. He tells Jack "Claire is all they wanted.".(All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

Charlie is just doing nothing and keeping to himself. He does help Rose move some stuff higher up the beach though, who in turn tries to make him feel better about himself. It was not his fault, that Claire got taken. Charlie is more of the opinion he should be dead. In the evening they talk. Rose knows her husband is still alive and Charlie finds some solace with her. (Whatever the Case May Be)

Jack gives Charlie aspirin for the heroin withdrawal. While Jack does not know if he can trust Locke, Charlie says if one can bring them off the island it's him. (Hearts and Minds) Then he busies himself with keeping Claire's things safe and discovers that her diary is missing. Kate suggests asking Sawyer. That leads to a short fisted argument between Sawyer and Charlie, but he gets the diary. At first it looks like he would not read the diary, but then he gives in. He learns that Claire was dreaming about a "black rock"—a place Sayid had been talking about. Then Claire appears out of nowhere in the middle of the night. (Special)

Claire's Return

Claire does not remember ever crashing on the Island. Charlie gives her back her diary and tells her that hey are friends. It seems once again Charlie is the only one talking to her. While Jack, Locke and Sayid discuss how to best defend against Eaton, Charlie meets Jin on the way back from the beach to the caves. Charlie talks to him about how nice it must be to not understand anyone or anything that's been going on, when they are ambushed by Ethan. While Jin is unconscious Ethan demands that Charlie brings back Claire or else he will kill one surviver every day until he does. Even though the beach camp was prepared, Scott Jackson was killed the next morning. (Homecoming)

Claire confronts Shannon why she is staring at her and she tells her about Eaton's threats. Claire is angry at Charlie, because she had kept her in the dark. He just wants to protect her. Claire then even agrees to be bait in a plan to capture Ethan despite Charlie's opinion. The plan works and they pin down Ethan. Suddenly out of nowhere Charlie shoots him dead. In the end Claire remembers peanut butter and she tells Charlie, that she wants to trust him. (Homecoming)


A few days later Charlie finds Hurley filling up bottles of water when he prepares to go for a hike to find the French woman, regarding the numbers. Charlie cannot come with. He tells Jack and Sayid later about the strange encounter and accompanies them to follow Hurley. They find him standing on a pressure trigger of a trap and of course Charlie makes a joke about replacing Hurleys weight.

After Charlie goes second behind Hurley over a hanging bridge and nearly falls to his death into a canyon when it rips apart, he actually screams at Hurley telling him that he is "acting like a bloody lunatic". Jack and Sayid go find another way around the canyon. Charlie does not understand how Hurley goes from "happy go lucky" to running through the jungle. Suddenly they are being shot at and run; they get separated. Charlie finds Jack and Sayid and moments later Hurley meets them; with a battery. In the evening Charlie and Hurley trade stories at the camp fire. Charlie confesses his heroin addiction and Hurley tells him that at home he is a millionaire. Charlie thinks he is joking and storms off. (Numbers)

Claire's baby

Jack is working on saving Boone, who fell off a cliff and Charlie is trying to find prople with Boone's blood type. Only Jack himself is a suitable donor, so he is literally tied up when Jin comes to the caves telling then about Claire who went into labor on the way from the beach. Jack tells Charlie what to do and so Jin keeps Charlie calm while Kate delivers Claire's baby. (Do No Harm) Claire needs to sleep so Charlie takes care of the baby. First he tries singing, then Hurley tries singing and finally Charlie figures out that of all things Sawyer's voice seems to have a soothing effect. (The Greater Good)

Charlie is in a good mood when the second raft nears completion. He imagines, his band's albums would sell like crazy now that everybody thinks he died in a plane crash. When the people on the raft get picked up, they will send helicopters and everybody will get rescued and be "ridiculously and eternally famous". Charlie gets his hair cut by Claire and writes music again and he is really "feeling it, you know". The second track of his upcoming album is "Monster Eats the Pilot". (Born To Run)

The day Rousseau arrives at the camp the raft is ready to go. Everybody including Charlie helps, but the first attempt fails. Before the second try Charlie collects messages to put in a bottle the rafters take with them. (Exodus - Part 1) As the threat of "the others" becomes more and more real, Charlie wants a gun from Sayid who has been put in charge of weapons by Jack. Sayid tells him to take care of the baby and Claire. Suddenly Rousseau approaches Claire and Charlie and says she is looking for Sayid. Charlie leaves Claire alone with her to get Sayid. As Charlie runs off, Rousseau hits Claire over the head and takes the baby. Charlie blames Sayid at first, but then agrees that the first priority is to get Aaron back. So Charlie and Sayid go after Rousseau, towards the black smoke. (Exodus - Part 2)

Along the way they come by the beech-craft containing the Virgin Mary statues filled with heroin. He swipes one. Then Charlie is injured by a trap set by Rousseau. Sayid wants him to go back to camp, but Charlie insists to go on. To stop the bleeding Sayid has to burn the wound shut with gunpowder from a bullet. By nightfall Charlie and Sayid catch up with Rousseau. She wanted to trade the baby for her Alex, but no one was there. Charlie and Sayid bring Aaron back to Claire. (Exodus - Part 3)

Season Two (Days 44-67)

Charlie is convinced Rousseau set the fire with the black smoke herself and tells everybody that no one is out there. Sayid is not so sure. (Man of Science, Man of Faith) Charlie and Claire still take care of Aaron together. She discovers the Virgin Mary statue Charlie took from the beech craft. She never figured Charlie would be religious, but does not think much to it. (Adrift)

Playing Mum and Dad

Charlie is still tied up with the baby, while Claire goes for a walk. On the beach she finds the message-bottle the rafters had with them. Charlie wants to know more about the hatch, but Hurley does not tell. Charlie storms off in his very special way. Next he tries his luck with Locke. He sneaks after him through the jungle. Of course John quickly realizes he was followed, they talk. Charlie goes on about how he always had to look after the baby, so he could not have come with on the last adventure to the black rock—but he would have! (Everybody Hates Hugo)

John explains what happened. To Charlie "it sounds a bit nutty", to push the button. He does however like that there is a record player and food. Charlie goes straight back to Hurley asking for peanut butter. Hurley denies his request. This time Charlie mouthes off about how Hurley says "no to a nursing mother" and how he "has become one of them, the man, the management". He has "changed, man!". Then Hurley starts handing out food to everybody, and Charlie gets his Dharma Initiative peanut butter to share with Claire. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

Shannon sees Walt one night. Her screams wake Claire and Charlie. So Charlie goes to check what's going on, but Sayid says it's alright. As Claire comes out too with Aaron in her arms, they have a cute old-couple argument about why she woke Aaron and why she ran out towards the screaming with the baby and how he would need feeding now. Next morning Aaron actually does not sleep and Locke helps her calm him down. They talk about how she and Charlie are practically strangers playing Mum and Dad. She imagines, he could be some kind of religious freak, because of the Virgin Mary statue Charlie brought home. Naturally John finds that interesting. (Abandoned)

Later that day John and Charlie play backgammon. John wants to make sure Charlie does not get the wrong idea, from him helping Claire. Charlie says it's alright, but Claire has some learning to do for being a mother. A recovering heroin addict might not be the best role model, Locke counters. (Abandoned)

Hurley and Charlie take out the golf clubs again and as it turns out Kate has quite the shot. Later Charlie is just playing guitar at the beach, when Jin arrives with Libby and Bernard. (Collision) Charlie attends Shannon's funeral. Kate is exhausted from looking after Sawyer, who was shot on the raft and came back with the survivors from the tail section. She tells Charlie about seeing a horse in the jungle, before leaving. Jack later asks Charlie about where she went and follows her into the jungle. (What Kate Did)

Claire introduces herself and Aaron to Mr. Eko. He tells her that Aaron was Moses' brother and she mentions Charlie's Virgin Mary statue to him. He demands to see it, he smashes it with his club and shows Claire the heroin. Charlie is with Jin fishing and annoying him by singing The Kink's "He's Evil". Mr. Eko comes straight for him and demands to know where he got the statue and to lead him there immediately. First Charlie needs to go to Claire, so that she does not get the wrong idea. He tried to explain, that he is not using and says that he did not even know about the heroin "sealed up inside". (The 23rd Psalm)

First Charlie leads Eko to a random place in the jungle, but Eko knows he is lying. Suddenly the monster passes by behind Charlie. Charlie does not see it. They walk on to the plane. On the way they find a man dressed like a priest and since Eko has scripture written on his club he thinks they are both priests. Then they get lost and Eko wants Charlie to climb a tree to find his bearing. At first Charlie refuses, but then he gives in. He probably really was afraid Eko would beat him with his "Jesus stick" with dry blood on it. Then the smoke monster appears and stops right in front of Eko. For a while he just stares at it, before it retreats into the jungle. Eko says, he was not afraid. They arrive at the plane. Eko's brother is inside. Eko takes his brother's cross, gives Charlie one statue for the one he broke and they burn the plane reciting the 23rd psalm. Claire is still upset, that Charlie lied to her and she throws him out of the "house". He hides the new statue from the plane in the jungle. (The 23rd Psalm)

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hurley and Charlie go through the old records at the hatch and they play some of them. Hurley talks about having a shot with Libby and Charlie wonders if Claire is already missing him. "Dude, it's been one day!". Sayid comes in, says the music is depressing and asks where everybody is at. Hurley tells him, that "everybody": Locke, Sawyer, Jack and Kate; is out to find Michael. (The Hunting Party)

There is really not much to do and Charlie takes a nap. He has a surreal dream of a childhood Christmas. As he wakes up Claire and Aaron are not at their tent. He is afraid something happened, but Claire is just down the beach with the baby. Later he brings some napkins by Claire and apologises again for lying about the statue, but Claire tells him to give her some space. After all they were just strangers on a plane. Later Charlie is playing guitar at the beach, which has gotten untuned, he hears a baby cry and swims out the ocean to save it. As he comes back with the baby he has a strange hallucination about Claire and his young mother dressed as angels telling him to save the baby. Then Hurley comes asking what he is doing. Charlie is confused. He does not know what happened, but he is still holding Aaron. Claire comes screaming, takes her baby and slaps Charlie hard. He must have fallen asleep again and sleepwalked. (Fire + Water)

Charlie comes to Locke asking for help, but Locke believes he is using again. Charlie is angry: "Kate sees a horse, nothing, pretty much everybody has seen Walt wandering through the jungle, but when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?!" He tells John, that he and Eko burned the plane and all of the heroin. John recommends to leave Claire alone for a while to earn her trust back. Next Charlie goes talking to Eko. He asks if he told Locke about giving him one of the statues. Eko did not. Charlie tells him about his vivid dreams with Aaron in mortal peril, trapped in a piano, drifting out to sea. Eko asks if he ever considered if those dreams mean anything, what if he does need to save the baby? (Fire + Water)

Charlie takes the second advice and insists Claire has to baptise Aaron. After all Eko is a priest! He really means it and Kate has to hold him off as he tries to get near the baby and Claire. At first Locke silently watches the events unfold from a distance, always vigilant. Then Charlie makes the mistake of going to his stash. Locke follows him, he is angry. Charlie tries to explain himself, but John has heard enough. Charlie cries, that it's about the baby, he is in danger, he has to believe him! "You have given up the right to be believed, Charlie.", John replies and takes the statues back to the beach. Claire asks John if she and Aaron could stay in the bedroom in the hatch for a while. Because of the alarm every one and a half hour, John suggests he would stay close for the night. (Fire + Water)

That night Charlie starts a fire as a distraction. While everybody is off fighting the flames, Charlie takes Aaron out of the crib. He attempts to baptize him in the sea, but Locke, Claire and soon everybody else is there to stop him. Charlie tries to explain, why he thinks he has to do this. Eko says, that this is not the way to do it and Locke reminds Charlie, that he is not Aarons father. Locke camly takes Aaron out of Charlies hands and gives him back to Claire. Then he knocks out Charlie with three quick punches. He goes down in the surf. (Fire + Water)

The next morning Jack comes to see Charlie, he needs stitches. He confesses to Jack, that he started the fire. Jack knows; he asks him to promise, that something like this will never happen again. Charlie insists that he did not use, even if it looks like it. Jack does not care. Later that day Claire asks Eko about baptism and he baptises both Aaron and Claire. That night Charlie sits alone at the fire, he has been humiliated and probably not letting it slide... (Fire + Water)


Charlie is welcomed by Sawyer to his neighborhood. "Stealing a baby, trying to drown it, that's a new low." Charlie points out, that Jack is just going through Sawyers stuff. Later that day during a downpour Sun is hit over the head and dragged into the jungle from her garden. Kate and Sawyer run after her, find her unconscious and bring her back to camp. The tension is rising as everybody becomes afraid and suspicious of everybody else. Jin demands a gun!

Sawyer warns Locke about Jack and others coming to the hatch for the weapons, so Locke hides them before they arrive. What Locke does not know is, that Charlie is watching him hide them. Sawyer is actually after the guns, as revenge for them taking his stuff while he was out on the raft trying to save them. Charlie helps him, because he wants John "to look like a fool, to feel like a fool". After he got the guns, Sawyer gives him a heroin statue, but Charlie denies; he could have taken one if he wanted to. Charlie employs him that no one can ever know about what he did to Sun. He asks Sawyer how someone thinks of something like what they did, that whole idea: "I am not a good person, never did a good thing in my life." (The Long Con)

Sayid later informs Charlie of the prisoner being held in the hatch, "Henry Gale." He tells Charlie, because he thinks John and Jack have forgotten, that the others have taken Charlie and Claire and strung up Charlie on a tree. Sayid asks him, if he has forgotten.(One of Them) The two of them, along with Ana-Lucia, head into the jungle to find the balloon crash site where Henry allegedly crashed on the island. (The Whole Truth)

The next day, the three are successful in their find, discovering both the balloon and the grave as described. However, Charlie, Sayid and Ana Lucia return to the hatch to reveal that "Henry" is an impostor, having discovered the real Henry Gale inside the grave. Before they arrive at the hatch, they meet Kate and Jack at the Dharma food drop. (Lockdown) Everybody is rushing to the food drop. Charlie gets himself some risotto. Quickly people start fighting about food. Charlie suggests to put Hurley in charge again, but Hurley really, really does not want to! (Dave)


Charlie had noticed, that Eko is building something and brings him the empty pallet from the food drop. Eko asks him to help. At first Eko does not tell what exactly he is doing; it is not a Starbucks. Suddenly Hurley comes running out of the jungle asking for a guy in a bathrobe with a coconut, but Charlie only saw "a polar bear on roller blades with a mango". (Dave)

Bernard looks for people and material to build a sign across the beach to be found by a plane or satellite. He asks Charlie and Eko for help or at least a few logs of their wood. Eko says, they are using them. What are they doing anyway? They are building a church, says Charlie. Bernard does not understand why everybody on this island is building something and only he is trying to get them saved. "People are saved in different ways, Bernard.", Eko replies. Bernard is annoyed, he liked Eko better when he just hit people with his stick. Charlie says, he likes him just the way he is. (S.O.S.)

One day Charlie comes by Claire. He tells her about the church he helps building and brings her a case of vaccine he found in the food drop. Just as he asks her if maybe he could... Kate, Jack and Michael bring the bodies of Anna-Lucia and Libby to the beach to bury them. Later Charlie comes to Eko to the hatch and asks what he has been doing the last day and what about the church. Eko tells him that he is supposed to do something different now. Charlie returns to the church construction site and continues his work. When Vincent shows up with a Virgin Mary statue. The dog leads him back to Sawyer's tent where they are hidden in the ground. He takes them out and throws them in the sea, while John happens to sit in the sand nearby. (Three Minutes)

During Anna-Lucia and Libby's funeral Sun spots a boat off shore. Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out only to find Desmond drunk in the cabin. Later Charlie is strolling round the jungle and finds John weeping. Charlie tells him, if he is feeling sorry about himself he may want to go have a drink with his mate from the hatch. Ah, yes, John has not been there during the dramatic arrival at the funeral: Desmond! Who has pushed his button a few times too much in Charlie's opinion. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Later when Charlie is playing guitar at the beach Eko approaches him asking for help. John locked him out of the hatch. He wants to know how the hatch was originally opened. "Oh, now I am back in?", Charlie replies, but Eko convinces him that it is important to stop John from trying to let the clock in the hatch run out. Together they go to get the unused dynamite they brought back from the black rock to blow up the hatch in the first place. Desmond is sure that the blast doors will hold. Eko is determined to follow his plan through and also Charlie cannot talk him out of it. Eko ignites the fuse. (Live Together, Die Alone)

When Charlie comes to, Eko is still unconscious. Suddenly the blast doors go up and Desmond comes out franticly looking for something. Then everything starts shaking and metal pieces fly towards the walls. Charlie tries to get Eko out, but Eko goes back to the computer room to John, who admits he was wrong. Desmond blows the dam. There is a strange noise and the sky lights up. As Charlie gets back to the beach he has still problems hearing, but is otherwise fine. He thought that John and Eko would have been already back by now. That night Charlie sits by the campfire with Claire again. They kiss, it seems the trust has been regained. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season Three (Days 67-91)

The day after the implosion, Charlie stands guard while Locke experiences a self-induced hallucination. The two venture into the jungle to search for Eko, later finding him trapped in a polar bear's cave. Charlie and Locke carry the critically injured Eko back to camp. (Further Instructions) Later, during a storm, Charlie and Claire are spared from electrocution when Desmond builds a lightning rod close to their shelter. (Every Man for Himself) Moments after learning of Eko's death, Charlie witnesses Desmond saving a drowning Claire. In an attempt to extract answers, Charlie and Hurley get Desmond drunk and ask how he knew about the two incidents. After Desmond has an outburst over this, he tells Charlie that he is doomed to die. (Flashes Before Your Eyes) Following this, Charlie sinks into a state of depression; his mood is lifted when Hurley convinces him to help start an abandoned vehicle in the jungle. (Tricia Tanaka Is Dead) Charlie later attempts to discourage Claire from her plan to ensure rescue, knowing it would result in his death. (Par Avion)

Later, Charlie confesses to Sun about the kidnap attempt in her garden when she suspects the Others over the apparent deaths of Nikki and Paulo. (Exposé) Charlie cares for Aaron when Claire suddenly falls ill; at first, he is reluctant to allow Juliet to treat her, but eventually steps aside. (One of Us) Later, Charlie joins Desmond, Hurley and Jin on a hike into the jungle, where they witness the arrival of a parachutist; en route to finding her, Charlie narrowly avoids certain death and argues with Desmond over his fate. (Catch-22) Once the parachutist is cut free from the trees, Charlie refuses to allow Mikhail to help treat her, and holds resentment against him when he does so. (D.O.C.) Upon returning to camp, Charlie informs Sayid of Naomi's presence. (The Brig) When Jack announces his plan to deter the Others' endeavours to kidnap the pregnant women, Charlie volunteers to swim down to the Looking Glass station with Desmond to switch off the signal blocking device. (Greatest Hits) Upon completing this task, he makes contact with Penny Widmore only to discover she has no knowledge of the boat coming to the island. Moments later, Mikhail uses a hand grenade to destroy the porthole, flooding the communication room with seawater. To spare Desmond, Charlie seals and locks the door as the room fills. In his last deed before drowning, Charlie warns Desmond that Naomi has deceived them, using a pen to write on his palm: "NOT PENNY'S BOAT". (Through the Looking Glass)

Post Death

Much later after his death, Charlie begins appearing to Hurley after he leaves the island. His first appearance to him in a convenience store causes him to freak out and flee without paying. After being left alone at the police station, Charlie again appears to him in the interview room's mirror, making him believe the room is flooding. His final known appearance takes place in the mental institution, when Hurley is informed of his presence. Charlie tells him that he needs to return to the island, as everyone is still alive and needs him. He disapproves when Hurley tries to make him disappear, but vanishes nonetheless after Hurley counts to five. (The Beginning of the End)

Charlie continued to visit Hurley several times at the Institution, resulting in a break down of Hurley's sanity. He appeared to Hurley the day before Jack came to visit him. During this visit, Charlie told Hurley to write down a message to Jack stating "YOU'RE NOT SUPPPOSED TO RAISE HIM JACK", as well as to warn Jack that someone would be visiting him soon. (Something Nice Back Home)


Season Six

In the alternate 2007, Charlie gets arrested at the end of the episode for trying to swallow drugs on the plane. Jack saves his life. Charlie protests, saying he was "supposed to die"—a phrase reminiscent of his on-island conversations with Desmond.