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Charles Widmore
Widmore1954 Widmore1977
Name Charles Widmore
Gender Male
Country United Kingdom
Occupation Owner of the Widmore Corporation
One of the Others
Family Daughter - Penny Widmore
Son - Daniel Faraday
Son-in-Law - Desmond Hume
Grandson - Charlie Hume
Episode(s) Live Together, Die Alone, Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Constant, The Other Woman, The Shape of Things to Come, There's No Place Like Home - Part 2, Because You Left, The Lie, Jughead, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Dead is Dead, The Variable, Follow The Leader
Played By Alan Dale (elder)
David S. Lee (1970's)
Tom Connolly (younger)

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Charles Widmore is an industrialist, philanthropist, and the owner of the Widmore Corporation. He was previously the leader of the Others on the island. He is also the father of Penelope Widmore.

On-Island Life Edit

Season 5 (1954-Unknown)Edit

Charles was previously a member of the Others on the island, and launched an attack on the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 in 1954 when they assumed they were members of the United States military. While scouting the jungle, Widmore, along with Cunningham and Mattingly discovered Sawyer and Juliet in the jungle. Widmore threatened to cut off Juliet's hand; however, before any action could be taken, they were subdued by John Locke. (The Lie)

While being held captive, Cunningham attempted to speak Latin to Charles; however, Juliet being fluent in Latin, was able to decipher what they were saying. When Cunningham was about to reveal the location of their camp, Widmore snapped his neck and began to run off back to the camp. When Locke entered the camp, Widmore held a gun to his head to keep him quiet. Locke simply stated to Richard that Jacob sent him, at which point Richard ordered Widmore, by name, to lower his weapon. Locke at this point recognized the name, and referred to him by his first and last. (Jughead)

At some point later, Widmore became the leader of the Others, and peacefully defended the island for more than three decades, however, he claims that we was fooled into leaving by Benjamin Linus, and exiled off the island. (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Off-Island LifeEdit

Season 3 (1996)Edit

When his daughter Penny became romantically involved with Desmond Hume, Charles strongly opposed the relationship, claiming that Desmond was unsuitable for his daughter. Charles gave Desmond a job interview, and granted him a position in the human resources department, however, Desmond was actually there to ask for Penny's hand in marriage. Widmore proceeded to pour a glass of MacCutcheon Whiskey and stated that Desmond was not worthy of drinking his whiskey, and in turn not worthy of his daughter. (Flashes Before Your Eyes)

Widmore attended a Southfield's auction where the diary of the first mate aboard the Black Rock was being auctioned off. The diary, previously owned by Tovard Hanso, had never been released outside of the Hanso family. Widmore purchased the diary for £380,000. Shortly after, he was greeted by Desmond, who requested Penny's address to get in contact with her. Widmore gave him the address so that Penny herself could tell Desmond that she hated him. (The Constant)

Season 2 (2001)Edit

Desmond was eventually sent to a military prison for not following orders, and during his incarceration sent several letters to Penny, none of which arrived to her, as Charles had prevented all of Desmond's letters from reaching her. When Desmond was released, Charles greeted him at the exit and presented him with two boxes. He told him that one of the boxes contained his past and the other his future. The box with his past, contained all the letters he had written to Penny, and the box with his future contained a large sum of money, which was offered under the condition that he never contact Penny, and that he run away. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season 4 (2004-2005)Edit

Benjamin Linus presents Locke with a video tape showing Widmore beating a member of the Others who had gotten caught. Ben claims that the Kahana is owned by Charles Widmore, and that he intends to exploit the island and will do anything in his power to possess it. (The Other Woman)

Michael Dawson has been told by Tom that Charles Widmore had purchased a Boeing 777, and also unearthed 324 corpses from a Thai grave site in order to stage the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815. Tom stated that Widmore had found the location of the island, and that we was headed straight for it. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

Widmore, sent his freighter the Kahana to the island, with Gault aboard as its captain. Widmore, however, informed Gault that it was Benjamin Linus that had planted the wreckage in the Sunda Trench. (Ji Yeon). Widmore also hired a mercenary team, led by Martin Keamy to infiltrate the island and capture Benjamin Linus, and if unsuccessful, to utilize a secondary protocol, which involved "torching the island". (Cabin Fever)

In 2005, Charles is visited late at night in his London penthouse by Benjamin Linus. Charles reveals to Ben that he keeps a bottle of scotch next to his bed because of nightmares he has been having. Ben places the blame of Alex on Charles. However, Charles turned the accusation back on Ben, stating that he was responsible for her death. Ben then threatens that he will kill Charles' daughter, Penelope; to which Charles replies that Ben would never find her. Before Ben leaves, Charles states that the island is his, and that it will be his again; when Ben states that he would never find the island, Charles states that the hunt was on for both of them. (The Shape of Things to Come)

Season 6(2007)Edit

Widmore returned to the island with a crew via a submarine. He later explained that he was invited to The Island by Jacob. Upon arrival Widmore's crew set up a perimeter using sonar pylons on the shore of The Hydra Island and employed explosives on Ajira Flight 316.

Widmore managed to bring Desmond to the island with him. Widmore and his crew conducted an experiment on Desmond to check his resistance to Electromagnetism, which sent Desmond's consciousness to the Flashsideways world. After waking up, Desmond agreed to help widmore on his mission

Sayid who was claimed by The Man in Black, managed to turn off the power to the pylons,making Widmore and his crew vulnerable to The Man in Black. Widmore and Zoe reached The Barracks and hid inside the closet of Ben's house. The Man in Black found them with ben's help and slashed Zoe's throat and threatened to kill Widmore's daughter penny, unless he revealed the purpose of his mission. widmore explained that he brought Desmond Hume to The Island as a last resort. Before he could finish Ben shot him to death claiming that he did it in revenge for Alex's death. the Man in Black said that Widmore already told him what he needed to know.


In Afterlife, Widmore was married to Eloise Hawking and was the father of Penny and Daniel.He seemed to have a positive attitude towards Desmond,who was an employee of Widmore Corporations.Widmore requested Desmond that he convince Charlie to perform with his son at an event organized by his wife Eloise Hawking. After Desmond agreed to help,Widmore shared his MacCutcheon Whisky with Desmond. It is unclear whether Widmore moved on or not.


  • The Lost Encyclopedia confirmed that Charles Widmore was responsible for the deaths of remaining ajira passengers