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Central Intelligence Agency
Melissa Cole
Name Central Intelligence Agency
Country United States
Introduced In The Greater Good
Type Intelligence Agency

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The Central Intelligence Agency, commonly known as the CIA, is a United States organization that obtains and analyzes various information and reports their finding to other various US government branches.

Sayid and ColeEdit

Sayid was arrested at Heathrow Airport in London and placed in a holding cell for 18 hours. When he was released, he was brought before Agent Melissa Cole of the CIA, and Agent Robbie Hewitt of the ASIS. They explained that 300lbs of C-4 explosives had been stolen from an Army Base outside of Melbourne. Sayid was then informed that a member of the cell who committed the theft was Essam Tazir, Sayid’s former college roommate at Cairo University. Sayid initially refused to go along with the plan, but was coerced when they informed him that they knew of the whereabouts of Sayid’s former love, Nadia. Sayid flew to Sydney and reunited with Essam.

Sayid later alerted Cole and Hewitt that Essam wanted to back out of the operation, and that his roommates were the ones responsible. Cole stated that he was useless unless he had knowledge of the location of the C-4, which he did not. Sayid decided to back out, but was informed that if he did, the CIA would arrest Nadia on the grounds of her being an Iraqi living abroad with a record of insurgency.

Sayid decided to proceed with the operation alongside Essam. However, Sayid revealed to Essam that he was working with the CIA to find Nadia, and upon hearing this Essam felt betrayed and took his own life. Sayid was presented with a ticket on an Oceanic flight, but had his flight changed to the next day when he learned that Essam would be cremated if no one was around to claim the body. Sayid remained in Sydney an extra day to make arrangements to provide Essam with a proper Muslim burial.


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