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Cassidy Phillips
Name Cassidy Phillips
Gender Female
Country Iowa, US
Occupation Unknown
Family Daughter - Clementine Phillips
Episode(s) The Long Con, Every Man for Himself, Left Behind, Whatever Happened, Happened
Played By Kim Dickens

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Cassidy Phillips was a divorcée who had a relationship with Sawyer, and when he attempted to pull his usual scam where he would use a briefcase with a broken lock that would expose the cash in his possession, Cassidy caught on and called him on it. She told him that he should have done his homework as she hadn’t taken anything from her husband in the divorce, and that she wasn’t even worth his trouble. Intrigued by his lifestyle, Cassidy decided to find out exactly what it was Sawyer did, and how to con people. (The Long Con)

The two started out small by conning two men named Arthur and Peter out of their money by selling them phony jewelery. After going through an endless list of cons in Sawyer’s arsenal and repeating a few, Cassidy decided that it was time for a “long con”. Sawyer explained that to proceed with a long con they needed the one thing they didn’t have: money. Cassidy then spoke up and stated that she had taken $600,000 from her husband in her divorce. (The Long Con)

Once the con was set in place, Sawyer returned to the house and showed her a black car that was parked out on the street, and that inside was his partner Gordy who was going to kill them if Sawyer didn’t present him with the money. Sawyer explained to Cassidy that he knew about the $600,000 from the beginning and that she was the long con. Infuriated, Cassidy slapped Sawyer and told him to leave, however, Sawyer calmed her down by explaining that their relationship was real, and that the only reason Gordy was going to kill them was because Sawyer told him he wasn’t going to give him the money. Sawyer took the money out of a briefcase and placed it into a duffel bag and handed it to Cassidy and told her to go to a hotel where he would meet up with her. After she left, Sawyer returned to the house, and retrieved another duffel bag which contained the actual money. (The Long Con)

Cassidy later found herself attempting to con people into purchasing fake jewelry as Sawyer had previously taught her to do. However, on one particular occasion at an Iowa service station, the service station attendant threatened to call the police on Cassidy for attempting to sell fakes. When Kate showed up and intervened, claiming that her father was a jeweler and that she could spot a fake, she bought a necklace from Cassidy for $60, and the attendant backed off. When Cassidy asked why she helped her, Kate claimed that it was just one girl looking out for another, but Cassidy thought the real reason was because she didn't want the police to be called. (Left Behind)

Kate and Cassidy headed to a bar where they exchanged conversation about their current situations. After hearing Kate's story, Cassidy decided to help Kate get in contact with her mother. Cassidy dressed in Kate's clothes and headed to Diane's house posing as a Bible saleswoman, dressing as Kate would alert the federal agents who were waiting to apprehend her, and would also give Kate and Cassidy a better idea of what they were up against. Cassidy would later head to the diner where Diane worked and spiller her food on Diane, forcing her to head to the back to clean herself up, where Kate was waiting for her. When Kate asked for the name of the man who conned Cassidy so that she could find him for her, Cassidy revealed to Kate that she was pregnant and that the baby was his. (Left Behind)

Although Sawyer appears to be through with Cassidy, she presses charges and he is sent to a eight year sentence in prison. Cassidy visits Sawyer in prison after two years, telling him that she gave birth to his daughter, Clementine. In prison, Sawyer meets a man named Munson, who was sent to prison for stealing a large quantity of money. Munson asks Sawyer to have this money moved as he is unable to. Sawyer instead tells the warden where the money is, in exchange for a cut of the money and the commutation of his sentence. Sawyer asks that the money be put in an anonymous bank account for Clementine. (Every Man for Himself)