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Carole Littleton
Name Carole Littleton
Gender Female
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Librarian
Family Daughter - Claire Littleton
Sister - Lindsey Littleton
Grandson - Aaron Littleton
Episode(s) Par Avion, There's No Place Like Home - Part 1
Played By Arlene Newman-Van Asperen (Flashback)
Susan Duerden (Flashforward)

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Carole Littleton is the mother of Claire Littleton, and the sister of Lindsey. Carole worked as a librarian and had a fling with Christian Shephard, and later became pregnant. She visited him in Los Angeles to inform him of this, and he would later make frequent visits to Australia to visit with Claire. Christian eventually stopped visiting as Carole was unhappy that he had another family in Los Angeles.

While driving with her daughter Claire, they were hit by a truck, and Carole flew through the windshield and onto the road, she suffered severe head trauma. The hospital bills were paid for by Christian who later returned to meet his daughter once more, and attempted to have her release her mother from her suffering while in her coma. Claire made frequent visits to her mother, the last known being when Claire visited her to inform her that she was pregnant, and also that she was sorry for telling her that she hated her.

Following the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Carole awakens from her coma. When the Oceanic Six are 'rescued', Claire is reported as having died in the initial crash, which Carole learns of and visits Los Angeles to attend Christian Shepard's funeral. Following the service she meets Jack Shepard, and iniforms him of her affair with Christian and of their daughter. She goes on to reveal that her daughter was on flight 815, and that her name was Claire. The revelation that Claire is his sister shocks Jack, although he lies to Carole that he never met Claire and that she is dead.

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