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Captain Bird
Captain Bird
Name Captain Bird
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Captain of the DHARMA submarine Galaga
Episode(s) Follow The Leader, The Incident
Played By William Makozak

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Captain Bird was a member of the DHARMA Initiave during the 1970's, and served as the commanding officer of the DHARMA submarine Galaga. In 1977, following the capture and deportation of Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate, Captain Bird commanded the Galaga during the journey from the island to the mainland. During said mission, the three prisoners escaped from their bindings, and made their way to the operations center of the submarine. The three then hold Bird at gunpoint, and order him to let them off the ship in a life raft, and then continue on his journey to the mainland. Bird protests, as he is unsure what to do if the DHARMA leaders at the island radio in about the prisoners' status. Sawyer then shoots the radio, preventing such a problem from arising. Bird eventually capitulates, and the submarine resurfaces long enough for the three to escape in a raft, and then continues along its original trajectory. (The Incident)