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Name Caesar
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) 316, The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Namaste, Dead is Dead
Played By Saïd Taghmaoui

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Caesar was a passenger aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316 en route from Los Angeles to Guam. Following the emergency landing of the plane on the island, Caesar assumed a leadership role among the survivors of the flight, prior to his death at the hands of Benjamin Linus.

Prior to the IslandEdit

While waiting in line at the ticket counter for Ajira Airways Flight 316, Caesar waited behind Jack Shephard, and overheard the conversation between the ticket counter and Shephard regarding the body of John Locke. Overhearing the Jack was transporting the coffin of his dead friend, Caesar offered his sympathies for Jack's loss, to which Jack uneasily accepted.

After boarding the flight, Caesar was situated close to Hurley in the first class section of the cabin. Some time into the flight, the plane began to experience heavy turbulence, which caused Hurley to insist Caesar buckle his seat's seatbelt. Unsettled by the matter-of-fact nature of this statement, Caesar dutifully complied. When the plane's cabin was engulfed by a bright white light, Caesar noticed that Hurley and a few other passengers had disappeared following the flash's dispersal. (316)

Following Frank Lapidus' safe emergency landing of the plane on the Hydra island, Caesar located an unconscious Ilana, still seated in a seat on the plane. Caesar offered her his assistance, and helped her to her feet and out of the plane. (Namaste)

On the IslandEdit

Following the crash, Lapidus, as the plane's captain, began to assume a leadership role amongst the passengers. Frank insisted that the best thing for the group would be to remain intact, and stay together in this location. Caesar objected to this notion, and insisted they explore the native buildings he saw while the plane was making its landing. (Namaste)

Taking his own advice, Caesar, along with Ilana, later discovered and explored the Hydra station offices and interiors. After exploring a particular office, and rifling through maps and journals contained on the desk, Caesar located a flashlight and shotgun, which he later took and kept on his person. It was at this time that Ilana informed Caesar that there was a man on the beach who was making the other passengers uncomfortable. As the two left the station to meet this man, Caesar posited that he was perhaps one of the passengers who disappeared during the bright flash of the plane. However, Ilana disputed this, claiming this man was never on the plane. As the two arrived to a large fire on the beach, they noticed a man clad in a blanket surrounded by the other survivors. Caesar and Ilana then introduced themselves to the man, who identified himself as John Locke.

Later, while Caesar was researching his situation within the Hydra office, Locke approached him to inquire about the plane's passenger list. Noticing the DHARMA logos prevalent on the documents Caesar was reading, Locke explained the nature of the Initiative's activities on this island, and noted they were a scientific group who were conducting experiments on the island. Confused, Caesar inquired as to how Locke could know such a thing, to which Locke replied that he had spent over one hundred days on this island. Locke then suggested that he could offer Caesar further answers if he was reunited with some of his other survivors. Caesar suggested looking within the makeshift infirmary the survivors had created, where Locke might be able to find some of his friends if they are injured. After examining the room in question, Locke located Benjamin Linus on a cot in the far corner of the room. Intrigued by Locke's familiarity with this man, Caesar asked how he knew him. Locke simply replied that this was the man who killed him. (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)


The Death of Caesar

Some time later, Caesar was approached by a recovered Linus, who inquired what Caesar knew about Locke. Ben then implied that Locke may be a dangerous and unstable man, and feigned incredulity at the fact Locke had said Ben killed him. Caesar then attempted to reassure Ben by saying he would support and protect him. When Locke coerced Ben to take one of the watercraft located on the beach to return to the main island, and the two were preparing to depart, Caesar confronted them about their intentions. When Ben made it appear that Locke was taking him against his will, Caesar went to retrieve his shotgun from his pouch in order to threaten Locke to remain. However, when he looked in his pouch, the gun appeared to be missing. Caesar then looked up to see Ben brandishing the weapon. Ben promptly shot Caesar in the chest, killing him. (Dead is Dead)

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