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Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
Season 4
Episode 11
Air Date May 8, 2008
Writer(s) Elizabeth Sarnoff
Kyle Pennington
Director Paul Edwards
Flashback John Locke

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Locke, Ben, and Hurley continue their search for Jacob's cabin. Meanwhile, aboard the Kahana, tensions mount between those siding with Keamy and those siding with Gault.


The episode begins with a flashback to the 1950s, where John Locke's birth mother, Emily, is a teenager dating a man twice her age, much to the chagrin of her mother. On a rainy night, Emily runs out screaming at her mother and gets hit by a passing car. She is taken to the hospital, where she gives birth to John prematurely. Sometime later, Emily sees John, who is being kept in an incubator, and gives the child up for adoption because she can not handle the responsibilities of being a mother. Richard Alpert looks on from the hallway, clearly interested in the child. A few years later, John is approached by Alpert, who claims he is testing Locke for admittance to a special school. John is given a test where he is asked to pick out one of six items that "belongs to him". John at first is confused, and considers a vial full of sand as well as a compass before choosing a knife. Alpert gruffly tells John that he failed and that the knife is not his, and leaves. In high school, John is the frequent target of bullies because of his aptitude in science, which leads to his being offered a position at Mittelos Summer Camp. John refuses because he doesn't want to be a science geek anymore. In the final flashback, Locke is in physical therapy following the events of The Man from Tallahassee, where Matthew Abbadon poses as an orderly and tells Locke to go on a walkabout.

On the Island, Locke, Ben and Hurley set out to find Jacob's cabin, not realizing each had been following the other. Upon realizing that they're lost, Locke decides that they should make camp where they are. He has a dream in which he is told to find a deceased DHARMA Initiative member named Horace, who was building a cabin for him and his wife. Locke awakens and the three set forth to find the shallow grave, where Ben left Locke to die after shooting him. Locke finds a map to the cabin on Horace's body. Upon reaching the cabin, Ben tells Locke that he will not enter because the Island has rejected Ben, and has now chosen Locke. Hurley out of fear remains with Ben, leaving Locke to enter the cabin - where he finds Christian Shephard and his daughter, Claire. Locke is confused but finally asks him how to save the Island. Locke emerges from the cabin and declares that they have to "move the Island."

On the freighter Kahana, Sayid and Desmond witness Gault and Keamy arguing over how Ben could have known his identity. This leads to Keamy's confronting and attempting to kill Michael, who is saved when Keamy's gun malfunctions. Michael is then visited by Frank, who lets him go to fix the engines that he previously sabotaged. Knowing that the other survivors' lives are at stake, Sayid convinces the Captain to give him the freighter's motorized raft. Sayid leaves the Kahana, but Desmond stays behind. Meanwhile, Keamy has an unknown device attached to his arm and loads the helicopter full of weapons and artillery. When Lapidus refuses to fly Keamy and his men, Keamy kills Ray as a warning. The captain appears, wanting to stop Keamy, but Keamy shoots him. The mercenaries and Frank leave in the helicopter and fly over the survivors' beach, where Frank drops a bag containing one of the phones. Jack takes the phone and deduces that they should follow the GPS signal on it.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I think we can see it because, we're the craziest."

- Hurley

"No....but I can speak on his behalf."

- Christian

"...because destiny, John, is a fickle bitch."

- Ben

Background InformationEdit

  • While producing the final episodes of the third season, Nestor Carbonell was cast in a starring role on the new CBS series Cane. The writers modified their original story plan for the third season in anticipation for Carbonell's potential unavailability. Despite Carbonell's willingness to return to Lost, CBS president Nina Tassler ruled out another Lost guest appearance. Cane was canceled during the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, freeing Carbonell from his contract with CBS. Executive producer Carlton Cuse cited this as an unforeseen advantage to the strike.
  • The summer camp that Mr. Gellert informs Locke about is sponsored by Mittelos Bioscience, the same company that Richard and Ethan claim to work for when they recruit Juliet in Not in Portland.
  • A poster showing Geronimo Jackson is present in the locker of a young John Locke during a flashback to his high school years.

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