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Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Taxi driver
Episode(s) LA X, What Kate Does
Played By David H. Lawrence XVII

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The cab driver was a part of the large fleet of taxis that normally wait outside the Los Angeles International Airport to receive departing travelers. The driver was present the day Oceanic Flight 815 landed from Sydney, Australia in the alternate reality created by the detonation of the hydrogen core. While waiting outside the LAX terminal, the driver was startled by an arriving Kate Austen, who hoped to use the taxi as a quick means of escaping capture from Edward Mars. The driver protested, and stated that he already had a passenger in the form of Claire Littleton. Kate did not relent, and pressed a pistol to the driver's head and ordered him to drive immediately. (LA X)

After being ordered to stop at nothing, which included running over Leslie Arzt' luggage, the driver finally took his opportunity to escape when he pulled to stop at a red light and fled the car. Kate then took the wheel as the man ran down the street. (What Kate Does)