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CR 4-81516-23 42
CR 4-81516-23 42
Name CR 4-81516-23 42
Introduced In Man of Science, Man of Faith
Last Seen In Live Together, Die Alone
Owned By The DHARMA Initiative
Found By Kelvin, Desmond, Ethan, Charlie

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CR 4-81516-23 42 is a vial of liquid that is supposedly a "vaccine", possibly used to ward off the "sickness". It is used by the DHARMA Initiative, and was found in both the Swan Station and the Staff Station.

Desmond is seen injecting himself with a vial of the CR 4-81516-23 42 substance immediately before the hatch is blown. (Man of Science, Man of Faith) Kelvin informed him about the "sickness" and why taking the vaccine is necessary, he was advised to give himself a shot every nine days. (Live Together, Die Alone) When Desmond interrogates Locke, he is very interested to know how many of his group have gotten "sick, as in ill, as in dead." (Adrift) When Desmond flees the hatch, he brings several vials with him when he leaves. (Orientation)

When Claire was kidnapped by the "Others", she was brought to the Staff station where she was given a series of medical examinations as well as several injections of CR 4-81516-23 42 which Ethan said was a vaccine designed to prevent the baby from getting sick. When Ethan confessed to Claire that he was going to miss her when she left, Claire brought up the idea of her not having to leave, and Ethan reminded her that there wasn't enough vaccine for her and the baby. (Maternity Leave)

Charlie presents Claire with the vaccine found in the supply drop. While investigating it, Desmond approaches and tells her not to bother stating that he injected himself with the vaccine every 9 days for 3 years. (Three Minutes)