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Butties Diapers
Butties Diapers
Name Butties Diapers
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Introduced In Fire + Water
Type Diaper Company

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Butties Diapers is a diaper company located in Great Britain.

Drive ShaftEdit

The members of the rock band "Drive Shaft" were hired to appear in a commercial for Butties Diapers by performing a parody of their hit song "You All Everybody" to the tune "You All Every Butties". Three of the members were of sound mind, however, lead singer Liam was not at his best as he was suffering from withdrawal and was unable to properly perform the choreographed dance required for the commercial, or rather balance himself properly. The director of the commercial eventually halted the production of the commercial, and when Charlie attempted to rectify the situation, he was fired by the director after he refused to ditch Liam.


These are characters that have been involved with Butties Diapers in one way or another.

Hired By (for direction)Edit

Hired By (for promotion)Edit

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