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Brother Campbell
Brother Campbell
Name Brother Campbell
Gender Male
Country Eddington, Scotland, UK
Occupation Monk
Episode(s) Catch-22
Played By Andrew Connolly

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Brother Campbell was a member of the monastery where Desmond Hume had come to train to become a monk. Campbell put Desmond to the test of a vow of silence, which he passed, and was presented with his robes when Campbell felt Desmond had succeeded.

While Desmond and Campbell were bottling wine for "Moriah Vineyards" which the monastery bottled itself, a man named Derek arrived and punched Desmond in the face, and then left after making the sign of the cross, and apologizing to Campbell.

Brother Campbell later found Desmond drinking his second bottle of the monastery's wine, and had a conversation with him about God having bigger plans for Desmond than being a monk. Campbell stated that Desmond had spent too much time running away to find what he was running towards.

Desmond returned his robes to Campbell, and then gives Desmond the final task of helping Penny Widmore with loading bottles of the monastery's wine into her car.

On Brother Campbell's desk is a picture of him and Eloise Hawking.

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