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Brian Porter
Brian Porter
Name Brian Porter
Gender Male
Country Amsterdam, Holland
Rome, Italy
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Lawyer
Spouse Susan Lloyd-Porter
Child Walt Lloyd (Adoptive)
Episode(s) Special
Played By David Starzyk

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After hiring Susan Lloyd at his law firm in Amsterdam, he would begin to date her. When the two make plans to get married, at the behest of Susan, Brian agrees to adopt her son Walt. Brian, Walt and Susan eventually moved to Rome, Italy when Brian took over the firm’s offices located there. The three would move again years later to Australia, it was there that Susan would develop a blood disorder and pass away a week later.

Brian, not wanting to deal with the duties and responsibilities of being a father, traveled to New York to visit Walt’s biological father Michael. Brian informs Michael that before Susan passed away she said that she wanted Michael to have custody of Walt; Brian then presents Michael with two plane tickets, one round trip, and the other one-way along with money for travel expenses. After Michael discovers that it was actually Brian’s idea to relinquish custody of Walt, Michael becomes physically violent with him and demands to know why he can’t be a father. Brian explains that Walt was different somehow, and that when he’s around things happen.

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