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Bpo Bpo
Name Bpo Bpo
Country Seoul, South Korea
Owner(s) Sun-Hwa Kwon, Miss Han, Decorator
Breed Shar-Pei
Episode(s) House of the Rising Sun, ...In Translation, The Whole Truth
Played By Unknown

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Bpo Bpo was previously the pet of Miss Han, but was given by her father, Byung Han, to a reluctant Jin as a gift after Jin did not present Byung with a beating on behalf of Mr. Paik.

Jin surprised his wife, Sun, with the dog as a gift and as company for her since he was working long hours for her father. Jin informed her that she would have to train it and feed it. Sun eventually grew to love the dog, and named him "Bpo Bpo" which means "a kiss".

When Sun planned to flee the country and head to America to escape her marriage to Jin, Sun enlisted the help of an escape collaborator posing as an interior decorator. Sun asked if the decorator would care for her dog when she has left, and she stated that she would.

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