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Boone Carlyle
Name Boone Carlyle
Gender Male
Country New York, NY, USA / Malibu, CA, USA
Occupation Chief Operating Officer of a Wedding Clothes Subsidiary
Family Mother - Sabrina Carlyle
Step-Father - Adam Rutherford
Step-Sister - Shannon Rutherford
Flashback(s) Hearts and Minds
Played By Ian Somerhalder

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Boone was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after he had traveled to Sydney, Australia to rescue his sister from her abusive boyfriend after he received a frantic phone call from her. Boone was the Chief Operating Officer of a clothing subsidiary of his mother’s wedding company.

Life Before Flight 815

When Boone was 6, the room in his house was at the top of a big flight of stairs, and he would spend all day calling his nanny, Theresa, on the intercom so that she would have to climb up every step continuously. One day while doing so, she slipped and broke her neck. (Deus Ex Machina)

When Boone was 10, his mother, Sabrina Carlyle, married a man named Adam Rutherford, because of this Boone now had a step-sister, Shannon Rutherford. (Hearts and Minds)

Boone is a licensed lifeguard, and had previously been living in New York, NY; Boone moved back to Malibu, CA after taking a job at his mother's wedding company as the COO after the death of his step-father. Boone was in charge of one of the clothing subsidiaries. When his step-father died, Shannon was awarded none of the money that her father had when he died as Sabrina possessed a living Trust with Adam, and Boone’s mother kept all of the money for herself. When Boone confronted his mother about giving him the money Shannon needed to live in New York, she denied the request knowing Shannon put Boone up to it. Boone presented Shannon a sum of money to live on and offered to keep her funded when his trust fund kicked in, but she rejected the offer. (Abandoned)

Boone was secretly in love with Shannon, and she used this to her advantage. Knowing Boone would jump at the chance to help her, she would scam him into paying off her abusive boyfriends, and they would in turn give the money to Shannon. She had succeeded with this several times and Boone finally discovered her scam when he confronted a man named Bryan, and finally pieced it together. That night, Shannon visited Boone’s hotel room, drunk, and informed him that Bryan had taken the money. Shannon then revealed she was aware Boone was in love with her, she seduced him, and the two engaged in sexual intercourse. (Hearts and Minds)

While at the Sydney Airport before their flight, Boone attempted to get Shannon and himself into first class, but since Shannon had yelled at the gate agent, it became very difficult. Shannon would constantly forget the inhaler she used for her asthma so Boone would keep it with his luggage. Boone was in seat 9E aboard Oceanic Flight 815 with his sister, and the plane crashed. (Exodus - Part 1)

On-Island Life

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Boone was performing CPR on Rose when he was stopped by Jack and informed he was improperly administering it. Boone suggested that they poke a hole in her throat with a pen, to which Jack sarcastically agreed. As Boone rushed off to find the pens, he returned later and presented them to Jack. After things settled down, Boone attempted to use his cell phone but was met with a “no service” signal in the process. At night, Boone offered Shannon some chocolate, to which she refused confident in their rescue; Boone proceeded to eat the chocolate. Boone was then present for the first appearance of “The Monster” to the group. (Pilot - Part 1) When Boone was sorting clothes the next day, he commented to Shannon that she was being worthless, combating this comment Shannon decides to join Kate, Charlie and Sayid on the hike to obtain a signal from the transceiver. While in the jungle, Boone is witness to Sawyer killing the polar bear with the handgun, and later convinces his sister to translate the phantom French signal which then diminishes his hope in the rescue. (Pilot - Part 2)

As the camp headed back to the beach, they made camp for the night. While discussing the French Woman’s distress call, Boone insists on telling the others when they return to the camp, the idea is quickly shot down by Sayid. While the rest are sleeping, Boone decides to take initiative and takes the gun from Sawyer to stand guard, the group does not respond well to this action. (Tabula Rasa)

When Rose becomes distant to the rest of the group, Boone suggests that Jack should talk to her, fearing her health may be in danger. During the first days, Boone comments on Shannon’s apparent lack of humanity after she hopes the Marshal’s death would occur quicker, not caring about Rose’s safety, for only worrying about her own comfort when Locke does not return from the hunt, and for using Charlie to catch a fish for her. (Walkabout)

On Day 6, when Joanna begins to drown in the ocean, Boone puts his lifeguard skills to use and attempts to rescue her, however; this proves a much more difficult task than he’d envisioned as he too finds himself drowning. After Jack rescues him, Jack attempts to return to shore with Boone, and head back out to save Joanna, when this proves impossible, Boone confronts Jack about it claiming he knew his abilities and would have been fine. Boone feeling dejected and unappreciated comments on Jack’s leadership and questions why Jack was suddenly made the leader of the group. When the remaining water goes missing, Boone attempts to take a leadership role and hides the water from the rest of the group so that it does not diminish quickly, however; his actions are misinterpreted as theft. (White Rabbit)

When Sayid creates a plan to triangulate the location of the source of the distress call, Boone is given the responsibility of activating one of the antennas, but when Jack is trapped in one a cave-in, Boone abandons the assignment to his sister to assist in the rescue effort. When Shannon’s inhaler runs out, Boone suspects Sawyer of possessing the remaining inhalers after discover him reading a copy of Watership Down that was located in Boone’s luggage, when Boone goes through Sawyer’s stash of items, he is met with a beating at Sawyer’s hands. After Jack and Sayid torture Sawyer in the jungle, Boone becomes offended when he is not offered the opportunity to help his sister. (Confidence Man)

When Hurley begins to take the census of the island after Claire is attacked, Boone dislikes the idea of Hurley setting up his own Patriot Act. When Hurley explains the purpose of the list, Boone is the one who informs Hurley about the passenger manifest. (Raised By Another) When Claire and Charlie become abducted by Ethan Rom, Boone joins the search party. When two trails are found, the group splits up, and Boone and Locke form their own search unit. While searching, Boone makes the distinct connection between the redshirt he’s carrying and the redshirts from Star Trek, claiming the guys with the redshirts were always killed first. As the two advance further into the jungle, the two exchange information about each other’s past employment, and Boone is amazed by Locke’s amazing weather prediction. When Boone, begins to lose faith in Locke’s ability to track Ethan, he makes a decision to follow the red strips back to camp, when Locke hands him the flashlight it drops onto a piece of metal creating a clanging noise, as the two gaze downward, pondering what it could be, they begin to excavate it. (All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues)

When Shannon becomes suspicious of Boone’s activities with Locke, he explains that they are searching for Claire, and makes it clear that he is doing something with his time, and unlike her is not being worthless. After Sayid and Shannon become closer, Boone becomes jealous and advises Sayid to stay away from Shannon. After Boone decides to inform Shannon about the hatch, Locke knocks him out and ties him up in an intricate and painful way, as he spreads a salve on the exposed wound on the back of his head, Boone slips into a hallucinogenic world, and witnesses his sister die at the hands of “The Monster”. (Hearts and Minds)

When Walt begins to spend time with Locke, Michael becomes annoyed feeling Locke is a bad influence, when Michael confronts Locke with a knife, Boone calms the situation by tackling Michael and telling him to calm down, because of this Michael punches Boone in the face. While in the jungle searching for Vincent, Boone and Locke find a disoriented Claire in the jungle, and bring her back to camp. (Special)

When sentry posts are set-up to trap Ethan if he attempts to infiltrate the camp, Boone takes a shift. During the shift, he falls asleep and wakes up in the morning hearing the wire that was tripped, as he rushed to see he trips and is met by Vincent who proceeds to lick his face. (Homecoming)

When Sayid approaches Boone with the hopes that he won’t object to his dating Shannon, Boone informs Sayid that Shannon likes older men that can take care of her; he then suggests that Sayid fits the role perfectly on the island. (...In Translation)

When Boone and Locke attempt to gain entry to the hatch, Locke constructs a trebuchet to deliver enough force to break the glass, when it fails; Boone notices a small piece of metal stabbed into Locke’s leg. Locke wakes up Boone early in the morning and takes him into the jungle and tells him that the island sent him a sign, and that they were to head to a Beechcraft in the jungle, when Boone objects, Locke mentions Boone’s childhood nanny to him, which was in his vision. When Boone agrees to go along, and while on the journey to the Beechcraft, they discover a Nigerian Priest in the middle of the jungle. When Locke continuously begins to lose feeling in his legs, he reveals to Boone that he was previously in a wheelchair before the crash.

After Boone explains to Locke exactly who Theresa was, Locke notices the Beechcraft directly behind Boone lodged up in the trees. As Boone makes his way inside the plane, he discovers the body of the other Nigerian Priest, as well as maps, and that the priests are actually Heroine smugglers. When Boone uses the plane’s radio to make contact with someone, his weight causes the plane to shift and crash into the earth beneath it. (Deus Ex Machina)

After Locke carries Boone back to camp, he is placed in the care of Jack who remains confident that he is going to fix him. As Jack attempts to repair him, Boone’s lung collapsed and Jack stabs him in the chest with a knitting needle to make room for a tube, he also has his leg broken, and receives a blood transfusion from Jack. During breaths Boone mentions the hatch to Jack, and that Locke insisted that he not tell. When the only other option to save Boone becomes the amputation of his leg, Jack readies the cargo container to remove his leg, and Boone halts the action at the last second, knowing his injuries, he bravely accepts death, and is buried on Day 42. (Do No Harm)

Locke experiences a self-induced hallucination, where Boone appears and puts him in a wheelchair. He pushes Locke through an imaginary Sydney International Airport, where the other survivors are present but acting in different roles. Boone tells Locke that he has to help someone, but everyone that Locke recognizes is not the person. Boone vanishes and appears at the top of an escalator, and when Locke crawls up to the top, Boone appears bloody and injured, just like when he died. He says that Locke needs to clean up his own mess, and Locke awakens from the hallucination. (Further Instructions)

Alternate Timeline

During Oceanic Flight 815, Boone has a conversation with John Locke. Locke tells Boone that he has recently had a walkabout. Boone indicates to Locke that if there were to be a crash, he would stay near Locke. He then proceeds to discuss Shannon whom he went to Australia to retrieve, but ultimately she would not return to Los Angeles with him. The flight lands safely, and the two part ways.(LA X)

A few weeks later, Boone - apparently with full memory of the Island - stages a bar-fight in order to "reunite" Sayid and Shannon in the ensuing chaos. He is successful, and Boone and Hurley watch from a distance as Shannon and Sayid kiss.

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