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Name Boars
Introduced In Walkabout
Last Seen In Further Instructions

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The boars are inhabitants of the island and were previously hunted by Locke. One particular boar was also suspected of harassing Sawyer.

The HuntedEdit

Not too long after the survivors crashed onto the island, they found themselves in need of food, and they also found themselves with a hunter: John Locke. Based on the fact that the boars were rummaging through the Fuselage, Locke deduced that they could be hunted for food. Along with Kate and Michael, the three headed into the jungle in the hopes of hunting a boar. Along the way, Michael was gored by a boar, and Locke continued alone. The survivors came to believe the worst had happened to Locke until he appeared later in the day covered in blood, dragging a boar behind him.

In "The Moth", while out in the jungle, Charlie finds himself as bait in one of Locke's traps. By running from the wild boar, Charlie indirectly lured the boar into a trap. Locke eventually slit the boars throat.

Sawyer's encounterEdit

While sleeping one night, Sawyer found a boar rummaging around in his tent, Sawyer struck it with a metal pipe, and it ran off with his tarp. Sawyer proceeded to follow the boar, but could not keep up, it was then that he began to hear whispers surrounding him, including Frank Duckett's last words. Sawyer made his way further into the jungle and was gored by the boar and thrown into a pile of mud.

Sawyer enlisted the help of Kate in tracking the boar in exchange for cart blanche of his stash. Sawyer agreed and the two headed out. That night, Sawyer was visited by the same boar again, however, it left it's mark on his possessions by scattering his, and only his things around the camp.

Sawyer found a piglet in the brush which he believed to belong to the boar he was hunting, when Kate was afraid he was going to hurt it, she made him release the piglet. Sawyer eventually had the perfect chance to kill the boar, but withdrew his gun claiming it was "just a boar"

Deceased BoarsEdit

While traveling through the jungle in "Numbers", Hurley finds a dead boar hanging from a trap in the trees.

Locke and Charlie discover a dead boar as an active kill while searching for Mr. Eko in the jungle. The boar was killed by a polar bear.

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