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Bernard Nadler
Name Bernard Nadler
Gender Male
Country Buffalo, New York, USA
Occupation Dentist
Family Wife - Rose Henderson
Flashback(s) S.O.S.
Played By Sam Anderson

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Bernard Nadler was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 because he was returning from his honeymoon. He was flying with his wife, Rose.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Bernard previously lived in Bronx, NY where he was employed as a Dentist. He was confident that planes wanted to be in the air, and reminded his wife, Rose Henderson, of that when they flew. Bernard's fingers swell when he flies because of the altitude, so he insisted that Rose hold on to his ring when they fly. (Pilot - Part 2) (Walkabout)

Bernard met Rose when he was helping her with car troubles, he helped her car get unstuck from snow, and then she asked him for a cup of coffee, which he accepted. Five months later, at a restaurant, he asked her to marry him. She responded by saying she was dying. He decided to take her to Isaac, a man who helped people cure their terminal illnesses. She reluctantly agreed, and came out saying she was fixed. Bernard did not yet know that she was actually lying. (S.O.S.)

Aboard the flightEdit

While aboard Oceanic Flight 815, Bernard left his seat at 23E, and left to use the bathroom at the back of plane. While there, the flight attendant notified passengers to return to their seat and fasten their seat belts. Bernard did not make it back to his proper seat when the turbulence began to hit, so he found an empty seat in the Tail Section of the plane. When the plane ripped apart, he and his wife were separated. (The Other 48 Days)

On-Island LifeEdit

Season 1 (Days 1-44)Edit

Bernard lands with the tail-section survivors on the other side of the island. He is still buckled into his seat, and stuck atop a tree. He is coaxed down by Ana-Lucia and Goodwin. Bernard grows extremely worried when he cannot find Rose's body. After the Others invade the camp, Bernard finds himself as one of the few remaining survivors. After moving inland, the group discover the Arrow station, where they find an assortment of items, including a radio. Bernard uses it, and makes contact with Boone, who was responding via the beechcraft. Ana-Lucia switches the radio off, dismissing it as a trick by the Others. (The Other 48 Days) / (Deus Ex Machina)

Season 2 (Days 44-67)Edit

After Michael, Jin and Sawyer arrive, Bernard is reassured that Rose is alive and well. He sets off with the others to migrate with the fuselage survivors. (Everybody Hates Hugo)

On the way, air hostess Cindy suddenly disappears, and Bernard witnesses the accidental death of Shannon. (Abandoned)

Ana-Lucia keeps Bernard and the others from arriving on the beach, but they eventually press on without her; Bernard is then reunited with Rose. (Collision)

Since attending Shannon's funeral, Bernard forgets Rose's birthday, and asks Jin for help finding an oyster. He is then informed by Sawyer that Jin is due to be a father. (The Whole Truth)

Later, Bernard makes preparations to create a giant S.O.S. sign on the beach. After being discouraged by Rose, however, he takes his frustration out on the few people willing to help, until he is reduced to constructing it himself. It is then that Rose admits to lying about being healed on their honeymoon. Bernard abandons the sign when he learns that her illness disappeared on the island.

Bernard also saves Claire from being impaled by the hatch door after the implosion. (Live Together, Die Alone)

Season 3 (Days 68-91)Edit

Later, Sawyer steals Bernard's cassette tape of Phil Collins, as a gift for Kate. (Catch-22)

Bernard and Rose assist in rigging the shelters with wire from the wreckage. However, when Karl arrives on the beach to warn the camp of the Others' imminent arrival, Bernard volunteers to stay behind and detonate the dynamite, much to Rose's concern. (Greatest Hits)

That night, Bernard hits his target, killing a few Others in the ensuing explosion. When the plan backfires, however, Bernard retreats but is caught by Tom. As he, Jin and Sayid are interrogated, Bernard reveals the location of the other survivors. He is soon rescued by Sawyer, Hurley and Juliet. (Through the Looking Glass)

Season 4 (Days 91-100)Edit

Upon learning that Jack has made contact with the freighter, Bernard and Hurley discuss their future when Desmond returns to the beach. After learning of Charlie's final warning, Bernard ventures into the jungle with the rest of the group to inform the others. When they reunite at the cockpit crash site, Bernard is again reunited with Rose. When Locke proposes to move into the Barracks, Bernard offers his support to Rose if she wanted to go with him, but the two end up staying with Jack and return to the beach. (The Beginning of the End)

Later, Bernard accompanies Jin on a fishing trip. Bernard and Jin talk to each other the current situation on the island. Bernard mentions that Rose had cancer, and that Rose believes that the Island has cured her. Bernard adds that he believed Jack was the right person to side with because Locke is a murderer. Bernard brings up Karma stating that when you do bad, bad things befall you, and when you do good, good things are granted for you. Jin catches a fish, and Bernard believes this to be a sign of Karma. (Ji Yeon)

When the people who arrived from the freighter cannot use their phone they successfully use morse code to contact the boat, Daniel says that the message is that their people are coming to save them all. But Bernard, who also knows morse code, reveals that he is lying about the message and that there is in fact no one coming to rescue the survivors. (The Shape of Things to Come)

Bernard also assists Juliet in Jack's appendectomy, chloroforming Jack against his will when he and Juliet agreed that Jack was a danger to himself while conscious. (Something Nice Back Home)

Season 5 (Throughout Time)Edit

After Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel, moving the island through time, Bernard found himself seperated from Rose. The two reunited on the beach with Juliet and Sawyer. Bernard led them back to the beach camp only to reveal that it has disappeared. Daniel arrived shortly thereafter to reveal that the camp was not gone, but that it hadn't been built yet. (Because You Left)

While the surviovrs remained confused as to what was causing the skips through time, Bernard remained productive trying to start a fire on the beach, receiving remarks from both Rose and Neil while doing so. Bernard finally started a fire with the sticks he was rubbing together, but blew out the fire trying to fan the flame. Frustrated, Neil decided to vent his anger on Bernard, and then turned his attention to Sawyer. During this, the camp came under attack by the island's Hostiles from 1954. Neil was killed as a result of this, and Bernard and Rose made their escape into the jungle. (The Lie)

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